Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Year Round School?

I am thinking about year round school again. We did it once, the first year I began homeschooling. I am wondering if I was wrong this summer to take a break. Its not like it caused any damage, but I think it would take some pressure off. I want to enjoy watching my children learn, not spend the day moving us from one subject to the next, so we aren't late for swimming, dance or some other appointment. I want to have the flexibility to go places and do family activities. If we move in the Spring, we could be on the road for a few weeks, anyways! Then, we will be moving into a new home. I need to learn and teach flexibility.

I am also considering Saturday school. We would use it as a "catch up" day. In other words, I won't plan to have school on Saturday, but if we need to spend an hour or so completing a reading lesson, we will.

My ideas demand breaking the "school" mold. I am still too tied down to my traditional school views. I can't seem to stick to a 9-2 PM schedule, no matter how hard I try, so why bother? Really, its not natural. Plus, my husband is not home very much, and then suddenly will have a morning home with us. I need to use this time to my advantage. Tomorrow, I will. I will go to the lab and get my cholesterol checked. I was suppose to do this a month ago. I will stop at the store and get some groceries without kids, and get the (late) registration renewed for both cars. My dear husband can guide the kids through their chores, and read with them. Maybe, they can even play outside a bit.

This Saturday, I am hoping that the family can all go into TC to the observatory, and see stars and planets. I have to check the weather. My daughter is really enjoying her astronomy lessons. Tomorrow, we will simulate a solar eclipse. This is why I need to break the mold. We should be loving this a whole lot more, and I am tired of hearing how everyone "hates school".

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