Monday, September 13, 2010

Thinking about Puerto Rico today

I am giving Puerto Rico a lot of thought today. It could be a great adventure! My good friend and her husband helped set up a mission church there, and I had just looked on the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod website last night and checked it out. Its very close to the air station. How neat would that be to be "missionaries" while we were in PR? We would love to be involved in youth programs, like teaching Sunday School, VBS, or even adult Bible Study.

My daughter and I are using a book about "Bibleless people", people who don't have the word of God in their own language. We have an opportunity to pray for these people every day! It is part of the Sonlight World History curriculum, and really neat! Its a good introduction to learning about prayer and missions.

So, I'm pricing Rosetta Stone Latin Spanish. The whole family could learn Spanish. John and I could really use a refresher! Boy, its expensive, but if it taught me to understand spoken Spanish, and to converse, that would be awesome. Three years of high school Spanish, and three semesters of college Spanish did not do that.

I am wondering about my daughter's dance classes. I can't find out any information on children and dance in Aquadilla. Do they teach ballet to children in PR? Or, any other type of dance? She loves to move, and I hope we can continue lessons as long as she is interested. We start up Thursday night with Ballet I Advanced and Hip Hop/Jazz II. I'm not sure about Latin dance for little girls, I mean my daughter isn't going to wear suggestive clothing, and that's how the costumes seem to be in this area for salsa and other types of latin dance.

So, tomorrow my husband speaks to the detailer, and hopefully we will get some direction to where we might go. If not, I will just keep learning about all these air stations.

My son looked at a map of the world today and asked, "How do you get from here to there?" He was pointing to South America and then to Africa. I asked him what he thought. He suggested a bridge. So we talked about how big the Atlantic Ocean actually is, and how the slow way would be by boat and a quicker way would be by plane. Another question was about how toys and machines worked when you pressed buttons. Later, he wanted to know how people move their bodies. I will have to get a more detailed books for those question! After I answered him, he was giving me a really puzzled look!

My daughter is very excited about astronomy. She made a mini-book and explained information that she recalled from reading about constellations, gravity, Galileo, Copernicus, NASA, Hubble telescope, natural, and artificial satellites. She took her mini-book to her bedroom to read on her own. Tomorrow we will make a solar system project with different size balloons.


T said...

I want to be selfish--you can't go.

Puffin said...

Well, I will have to go somewhere :) So, don't you want it to be somewhere nice? (I'll miss you too)

T said...

how about we come with you? LOL
I think the chance for you to go to puerto rico is a great opportunity. I hope you get to go wherever your heart wants. I will just miss you. I'm sure you will be glad to get the heck out of here...I know I would be LOL.