Thursday, September 9, 2010

What kind of rock is this?

I am identifying rocks with my daughter that she brought back from Lake Superior last summer. We are using the book, "Is this an Agate?" I don't think that she has any agates, but she has lots of other rocks. This isn't a school lesson, but it is a great opportunity to learn, and she initiated it!

We began school today. It was a great first day. We got our chores done and all our lessons. My daughter loved the science lesson, we began our immersion study of astronomy. I like that the author gives credit to God for the creation of this amazing universe.

My son liked everything. He was tired when we finished. All day, he is desperate to complete his lessons and play. It was like a broken record every time I called him over for his turn. "Mom, I just want to play!!" He likes to listen to his big sister read aloud. I like it too.

We began school at 9:30 AM and were done at 1:30 PM. I didn't do a math lesson with my daughter, because we had to copy a page that she uses daily with her lesson. Then, we played outside. The kids rode scooters and played with chalk. I picked up branches from the rainy weather we got earlier this week. The yard was covered with downed tree branches and limbs. The leaves have started to fall, although they are still mostly green. But, it won't be long- Fall arrives early to Northwest Michigan.

I got over to an office supply store, made copies, and bought paper clips and post-it notes. We got food for dinner tonight, and for the next couple days.

Now, I have to clean up from supper, get organized for the morning and get the kids to clean up the basement playroom and bathed. I am so happy that school has begun. But, unlike so many of my good friends, it is not because I get to send the kids away because they are driving me crazy- I am happy to see them learn and grow under my own roof, with God's guidance.

Quartz, chert, epidote, basalt, porphyry, rhyolite, and granite are the rocks in my daughter's collection.

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T said...

You are so organized. Maybe you could take over my household too? LOL
I agree with you about the school thing. They are only young but for a mere second it seems so I'm very grateful for the time I get to spend raising my DD.