Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another showing

Tomorrow, we have another showing. After church today, I cleaned the house and got it into nice shape again. It was exhausting, but it looks nice again. My friend and her husband fixed my snow blower, and installed some florescent lights bulbs for me. The sprayer on the kitchen sink has fallen apart. The bathroom fan sounds like it is dying. And, because of not having the snow blower for a few days, plus the temperature rising to 40 degrees today, my driveway is a sheet of ice. But, this will have to do for tomorrow.

The baby is moving around like crazy. I love that feeling. It is hard to sleep at night. The baby likes to move around a lot in the evenings.

I haven't been nauseous for the last few days. I hope this lasts. It has been replaced by yeast. I won't go into detail. Any ladies out there reading this, will understand. I would rather itch than be nauseous. Gotta call the doctor about this tomorrow.

My husband is away till mid-march. The kids are doing ok, with his absence, but my daughter's anxiety is on the rise. For and 8 year old, all these showings, knowing that we will move this Spring or sooner if the house sells, the new sibling on the way, the idea of leaving friends, and making new friends . . . . it a lot. And holidays. She cannot wait for Valentine's day. She and her brother have some goodies from Grandma. She is so excited. And, cookies for Valentine's day at swim lessons. And, Valentine's cards. And, Daddy gone.

Valentine's day is a bit of a quiet day for me. I think that I will buy myself some flowers tomorrow. Enjoy the kids happiness. And, try to relax. Relax of course, after this showing is over. (The other potential buyers are still trying to buy this house, they are still waiting on the bank). Somebody, anybody, needs to buy this house! I am tired of cleaning it for people that I never meet.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ultrasound, Hello Baby : )

Today, was ultrasound day! I am 15 weeks and 1 day along in pregnancy. He or she is extremely active. The ultrasound technician was very busy getting measurements as we watched baby kick, turn and flip around. So, much so that the tech kept mentioning it. I asked if this was common, and was told, "No, not really, ours is very very active, but an active baby is a healthy baby." We all truly enjoyed all the show.

I am big- big because near baby were two huge uterine fibroids. They were around when I was pregnant with my son, but I forgot about them. They are in there, they are big and growing along with my baby. I have been told that this is not harmful, usually.

My morning sickness might be easing up a little bit. Things don't smell quite as gross. I didn't feel so nauseous yesterday or today. I hope this is it.