Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby Wearing Group

Today, Tristan and I joined some ladies for a baby wearing meeting. It is a group of ladies who wear their babies in wraps. I was the oldest woman there, and the only one with more than one child (since I have three). My baby arrived sleepy and I wasn't sure if I wanted to pick him up and play dolly with him. But, the other babies were toddler, so he fought his nap.

I did not "wear" my other two kids. Sure, we put them in an outward facing carrier for walks - and later in a framed backpack when they were bigger. But, this is quite different. Baby wearing is interacting with your infant/toddler, keeping he/she close to you as you go about your day. These kids aren't "stuck" in the wrap all day long, but its a tool to keep them smiling, instead of using the playpen.

I do use some other "tools". I use an exersaucer and a jumperoo. They are safe places for my baby to hang out while I am nearby. But, I also use this really long blanket to wrap my little one, and carry him around while I go about my day. DH also wears the baby. In fact, baby is taking a nap in the woven wrap right now! I went out shopping with my daughter, and came home to a sleeping little one, so content, near his daddy's heart!

These women know a lot about baby wearing. One of them, must have had over 25 different styles. I could not imagine that- I have one. My first thought was how versatile it is. I can wear my baby on my hip, front or back. I learned today how to wear him on my hip. It was really really easy. I cannot throw my child over my shoulder and wear him on my back - yet. But, one day, I will.

There is this awesome wrap called a Mei-Tai. I am in love! I borrowed one of the mei-tai carriers to try, and I WANT ONE! It was so easy to use, and I can see myself using it to wear my child on my back. Here is an example:

Friday, January 13, 2012


I am working on a bunch of plans, in my head. I'm not sure what I will tackle first, but organization is what I have in mind:

1) Chore list- there is an app called irewardchart, and my friend is using it with her family. I own an ipod, but it must be updated, as it was my DH's. I have never added any apps, and always forget the charge the thing. Anyways, its an awesome app, where the kids earn points toward rewards (bowling, candy, lego starwars on the PS2 etc.) and the points are for helping me around the house. They already know how to help me, but I am terribly disorganized in enlisting their help. So, yeah, the rewards app might be awesome.

2) Flylady - she is the queen of organization. Seriously, this woman is awesome, and I have used her program before, but need to return to it. It is a very efficient way of keeping your home organized without spending your entire weekend cleaning. Its a less is more theory. Less stuff, not less cleanliness.

3) Baby schedule- Hahahaha, I am laughing at myself. I sort of have a schedule, but I nurse the baby on demand, so its a very flexible schedule. Now, I have added a couple meals in the high chair, he takes about 3 naps a day, and usually goes to bed around 8 PM. Except for the nights that he doesn't, so he takes a late nap (often 4th nap) and stays up till 10 PM. And, then he wakes late, around 8:30 AM, instead of 7:30 AM. So, it gets all messed up. But, the real issue is nighttime sleep.

4) Nighttime sleep- perhaps I'm ready to do some sleep training? Baby wakes up a lot. Like 5-6 times per night. It is honestly hard to function on this kind of sleep, but I am not planning to Ferberize the baby (cry it out in intervals), well, not yet anyways. It worked with my oldest. I don't recall what worked with my middle one- but, I still like the sweet 3 AM smiles, so I'm not sure that I'm ready for this task yet.

5) Home school schedule- ultimately, this would require me to be using the system, and have the baby on a schedule, because every day is really different. Some days we finish school at 2PM, and some days its 4 PM. Some days we have appointments, and the whole day is screwed up. It would be better for us to have a routine. I have tried to create a routine for the past 4 years. Maybe, this will be the year?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Not here much!

I really like writing down my thoughts in this blog, but I am not here too much anymore. I suppose that is a natural consequence to having a third child. I actually do get over here occasionally to write, but I rarely finish my thoughts, as there is little privacy during any part of the day or night.

So, here is an update on my current life:

DH is learning to survive in Arctic weather. Seriously, he is outside in -27 degree weather for the next 2-3 days. Somewhere outdoors in the wilderness, he is setting a snare, and attempting to catch and eat a bunny. He will build a shelter and big big fires. I sort of know where he is, but that's for me to know and for you to . . . . oh don't worry about it. Does it really make a difference to you?

My daughter is currently obsessed with Geography Songs. She and her brother have been learning the countries around the world through song. Its really fun! It is actually not so fun anymore. Why? Because she and her brother play this CD over and over for fun, ALL DAY LONG. When they are not playing the CD, they are singing the songs as they go about their daily activities. Don't get me wrong it is wonderful that they know all these continents, oceans, countries, islands . . . . She has made some great strides in reading, and now reads "in her mind" on her own time. Her current favorite is "Calvin and Hobbs" which are her Daddy's comic books. Don't you judge me- yes, comic books. They aren't "chapter books". But, that is better than reading the free baby magazines that I received in the mail.

My son is kinda in the whiney stage, but I am told that this is what sometimes happens to the middle child. I am trying to be firm but patient, and give lots of extra hugs and love. He really likes this game we got for Christmas- Pictureka. The cards are very funny. He really really likes to play games of all types. He spends lots of time with his dad playing board games, when they are together. Risk is a new favorite. After all- who wouldn't want to rule the whole world?

My little guy is 5 1/2 months old. He is sitting up great and likes to eat baby food. I have been mostly successful in making my own food, and he likes some of it. He doesn't like formula at all, so we haven't done a lot with cereal (I can't blame him, that stuff is nasty). But, he loves squash and sweet potatoes. He wants to hold everything. He wants the dog's face, the cell phone, the pretty picture on the blanket, my lips, the table cloth, and opps, he wanted my plate and cup which is now all over the floor and my lap. He babbles like crazy and he still doesn't really sleep at night. But, how I love to get up 5-8 times a night with him! LOL

Me- well, I have my vitamin D and my SAD lamp. The days are gradually getting longer, and Summer will be here before I know it. I am in full swing with school. We took a week off for Christmas, which was heavenly (it cuts my workload in half). The house is messy, but I cleaned the toilet bowls yesterday- so there is that. : )

Gotta go and sing about the West Indies now- although the East Indies is much much funnier, don't you think?