Sunday, November 28, 2010

The beginning of Advent

This morning, I took the kids to church. I am so glad that we went! The sermon was really good. And, I love the start of Advent. My daughter ran around and told everybody that there was a baby in my tummy. She was even singing songs about it. It was so sweet! Of course, everyone is very excited and happy for us. It makes me a little bit sad that our baby will be born somewhere else. But, then again, its all the more reason to say in touch with all these wonderful folks.

After we got home, Hubby made my most favorite sandwich. I don't know what it its called, but this is how you make it: Two slices of bread, spread on cream cheese, add lettuce, turkey and cranberry sauce. Yummy! I like this sandwich once a year. So, I have him make it after every Thanksgiving.

Then, we put up the Christmas lights outside. I held the ladder, I didn't climb up it. The kids ran around and played. The inside of the house is decorated too and looks so pretty! The kids and Grandma decorated the tree yesterday. And, I decorate the living room with various Nativity scenes. Since, "Jesus is the Reason for the Season!" after all!

Then, I went food shopping. Our bills are much smaller this month, I love it! I am baking, freezing, cooking, and so I guess you could say this is my new hobby. I got a wreath for the front door (50% off at Rite Aid) and got some cinnamon pinecones for a bowl on the table.

I am still so very very tired. I take a nap just about every day. That's what I did when I got home from the store. Hubby is very supportive of this, although, he was home a lot this week, and my mother was visiting, and the kids and I took a break from school. Tomorrow, I will gauge our school around my exhaustion. I will lay down in the late afternoon when the afternoon kids shows are on PBS.

I sort of have morning sickness, but it isn't bad at all (or yet). I had to eat after my nap today- I was ravenous. It was almost dinnertime, so this was ok. But, I over filled my plate, and actually couldn't finish it all. Which is good! And, then I just felt kinda icky for awhile, but not sick. I am eating the same as usual, but I am so curious about my weight. I guess it must be nearly the same, cause all my clothes still fit. But, those refried beans are making me very bloated (and causing other problems). We had tacos of dinner.

After dinner, I made a wonderful turkey cream soup. Its almost done cooking. And, it tastes great! I am just waiting for the rice to finish cooking. There is sooooo much! The recipe says it makes 16 servings! And, I used turkey stock that I made a couple days ago, and froze. I am sure that I will freeze some of this soup too.

So, its almost the end of a very nice day. I hope yours was just a wonderful!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Baby?!!

Well, It didn't take long really. John and I decided towards the end of August to try for another child, and I am pregnant! Tina, if you are reading this, that is why I called you yesterday : )

Towards the end of July, our baby is due. My son will be 6, my daughter will be 8 (almost 9) and me- still in my 30's! For a few months anyways : ) I will have three children before I turn 40 years old. Wow!

I don't feel pregnant yet. I feel like I have a cold. My husband has the same one, he caught it from me, so the baby isn't making me stuffy. But, you know, you can't take much for a cold in the first trimester. So, the neti pot and tea are my new best friends. But, its ok. I am coughing all night, in that vague state of asleep and awake - last night it was thinking of baby names. It turned into names that start with K, just like my last name. Weird names, like "Kangaroo Kirk" or "Knowledge Kirk" or "Kipper Kirk". Umm, no I won't be using any of those names. LOL! The night I found out, I dreamed about shopping for diapers in different sizes.

I haven't made a big deal about it, but I've lost over 45 lbs. this last year. So, I am actually no longer Obese. I am just fat. Like XL (some size large) fat. I love this size. Maybe I won't have to buy plus size maternity clothes? I am taking care of myself better than I have in my whole life. I don't eat sugar, sweets or junk food. I don't drink pop or and I switched to decaf coffee. I gave up artificial sweeteners and I feel wonderful! I am not this highly motivated great person- Its not that at all. I joined Overeaters Anonymous last November, and follow a 12 step program (like Alcoholics Anonymous) and ask God for the help I need not to binge eat. One day at a time, I have not binge eaten in an entire year as of this Wednesday. That is a miracle!

I am not worried about gaining weight with this baby. Cause I don't diet. I'll gain what I need to in order to have a healthy pregnancy.

The kids are so cute about the new baby. My son rubs my belly and decided that I cannot lift him anymore, because he doesn't want to hurt the baby. My daughter said this: "So mom, how exactly did the baby get into your womb? (Me, "Daddy and I prayed and asked God for a baby, and he answered our prayer") "Yeah, I know that. But, HOW did it get inside you? I understand about the egg and sperm. How did Daddy's sperm get in there?!" Yikes! I am not ready to go down that road yet. Cause, if I tell her, she will tell her brother. And, probably everyone else that she knows. But, by the end of these 9 months, I am certain that we will have "The Talk". LOL!

I do not feel any morning sickness yet. With my other two, I got lots and lots of morning sickness. It went to week 24. It occurred all day long. I'm still sitting here smiling about it. Maybe, I won't get sick this time? I'll keep you posted!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Goodbye Little Bear

My mother's dog got sick, and had to be put down today. Little Bear was a very good dog. He was my mother's dog, of 13 years, but once he was mine. I haven't seen him in years- since we lived in Northern Virginia, and I drove home to New Jersey to visit my mother and dog. My daughter was about 2 years old then. So, that means it had been 6 years. I missed half his life. But, I loved him.

My friend's family called the house to tell us that there was a sign posted in a local restaurant, "Golden Retriever Purebreed Puppies for Sale". I drove with my dad to see them, and I feel in love. It was a lot of money, but I bought him. He pranced around the house with huge paws. And, I named him "Little Bear" because he reminded me of a little brown bear. He wasn't easy to train, but I took him to puppy school. My dad was the one who housebroke him. He was a bundle of energy, as most retrievers are. He slept on my bed with me. He was naughty and ate toilet paper off the roll. I suppose that I attach a lot of my memories of Bear with the last years of my dad's life here on earth. My favorite photo album is of Bear, because there are so many pictures of him with my father.

I met my husband to be- the year my dad died, and the following summer, I moved to Wyoming to be with him. I couldn't leave my mother alone. It was heartbreaking, but I gave her my dog. And, she needed him. She took him on walks nearly every day of his life, after that. She would put me on the phone every once in a while, so the dog could hear my voice.

We got married in New Jersey, and I have a wedding picture with my dog.

My husband and I moved back to New Jersey and lived with my mom, after only a year. We brought my husband's bird, BoBo with us and he liked Bear a lot. He even sat on Bears back. And, Bear was gentle, and wouldn't think of harming Bobo. We had my daughter while living at my mom's and Bear use to love to clean up under the high chair. He was good with my daughter. He ate her baby socks and left colorful poops in the yard, which was really gross, but also funny!

We moved away again, and just close enough for a visit or two. I haven't been home since then, in over 6 years.

But, he was nearly 13. And, he wasn't really my dog anymore. He was my mother's companion and friend. But, he was one of the best dogs that I had the pleasure to know and love.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My big girl is 8

The party was very nice, and my daughter is now 8 years old. She had a lovely party. Seven friends arrived bearing gifts, and we set to work making a hamster craft. Then, my daughter opened her presents: pajamas and a dress from Grandma, a couple Fancy Nancy books, and Zhu Zhu pet accessories. She also received many many Zhu Zhu gifts, and now, between she and her brother, they have 15 of these motorized toys. Yikes! She got a few non-Zhu items, such as candy, a checkers game, and jacks.

After the presents, they ate Zhu Zhu cupcakes. It took a long time to make them. They were kinda ugly, but, they do look a bit like the toys. Cupcake, ice cream, Cheetos, and Hawaiian punch. Yum (I didn't taste any of it). Everyone played with the toys till the moms and dads arrived. They took their goodie bags home, and there were lots of smiles. My daughter had good manners, and her brother didn't throw any crying tantrums.

She went shopping with her allowance and birthday money, and bought more accessories. A pizza parlor. All this stuff is noisy, a bit annoying, and my kids love it to pieces.

I am baking bread again, making oatmeal muffins (the first batch fell) and I cooked up taco meat for tomorrows dinner, plus enough to freeze for next week.

I haven't blogged, because lately, I've just been exhausted. Maybe its PMS. But, I don't feel cranky today, but just as if all my energy has been sucked out of me. I'm just so tired!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cassoulet? Hmm

Tonight I am making a Cassoulet. I found the recipe online, on I like this site, and have tried a variety of recipes from it. This one has lots and lots of beans in it. But, it was cheap to make. Tomorrow, I will find out if it was worth the effort.

Today, the dog knocked half a loaf of raisin bread on the floor. I caught him before he devoured it, but it was on the floor, with doggie germs, so it had to be thrown away. And, the kids will not eat the pumpkin muffins or peanut butter muffins that I made. I can't eat the pumpkin muffins either (too much sugar) But, I can eat the peanut butter ones. And, they are good! Great with coffee, I think. So, the kids ate saltines for a snack. My son likes the raisin bread, which is a miracle, because he doesn't like most foods.

The kids fought like cats and dogs today. My daughter makes faces at and "touches" her brother. Sort of like poking him, but not even a poke. It makes him scream very loudly. She is becoming an expert at teasing. He is an expert at overreacting. And, we did not go to Traverse City today, so schooling was very difficult. It should have been great. I loved the extra day to complete our lessons. But, my daughter was angry and mean all day. She did not like voting with her dad. It was just too boring. She got cold at the park. She hated math today. She hated reading today. I was labelled the "worst mom in the world" a few times. And, attempts to scratch and squeeze my arms were made. Oh, and her Zhu Zhu Pet Moo was "naughty" and was going to bite me numerous times. I realize that she did not get her play date today in Traverse City, but that is life. I have to cut back on our trips to TC to save some money. So, we will go every other week for a while.

My son cried about everything. He did not want to go to swimming lessons because he would have to jump in the pool at the end. He was starving most of the day, "So hungry I'm going to die!" He was also dying of thirst. And he wanted to change his shirt, because his long sleeve shirts get stuck in his coat. He spent a lot of the day running away from his sister and screaming "Stay away from me!"

What a day. Thankfully, my children are sleeping like little angels now, and tomorrow will be a new day.