Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I guess I'll keep him

I was on the phone today will a few people, trying to giving my dog away. I cried all day long. Scotty can be both an angel and well, you know. He loves my husband, but it is not mutual. Why? Because Scotty jumps on my DH, pees when he arrives, won't pee when DH takes him out, knocks over the kids, gets into stuff, whines and whines. Families days become exhausting, instead of fun. But, my loving husband is indulging me. Scotty was my gift this summer. My dear husband loves cycling (all seasons) and I love dogs. A specialized bicycle was my gift to my husband. Is it possible to turn someone into a dog lover? Is it possible to tame a crazy 50 pound, 6 month old golden retriever?

He is sleeping at my feet. He is calm and content. But, tonight Scotty will sleep in his crate in the dining room. He will sleep out there alone, and be a dog. Usually, I drag the crate down the hall to my bedroom every night, and back out to the kitchen in the morning. No more. And, I will attempt to fit a walk in whenever it is possible. So far, well he never gets a walk. This dog's energy needs are enormous! I will try a dog obedience class again. This dog will learn to behave and be a good pet instead of a pain.

Another thing . . . .

The power went out Sunday morning. It was around 6:30. My husband was at work, and the rest of us, asleep. Kids screamed. It was dark. The sun rises here about 8 AM. I found one flashlight, and spent hours finding candles, batteries, lanterns, more flashlights, coolers, paper goods, and plasticware. Then, all the food got boxed up and went out in the snow. A kid down the street, looking for my husband, helped me open the garage door. I drove to buy water, we had 1/2 a Brita pitcher, that's it. We have a well, so no water in the faucets.

The kids had so many questions. Why can't I watch a DVD? I want toast! Can you make me hot chocolate? Mom! The lights won't go on in the garage, or my room, or the basement, or the hallway, or the bathroom!!! Why can't I keep opening the fridge? I'm cold! Why is it cold? I want my own flashlight? Everything is broken! The clock in my room is broken! The microwave is broken! Why won't the lights turn on -on the Chrismas tree! Nobody else has power either!! Will the power be off forever? When will the power come back on? Why can't I play my game on the computer?

Oh, but then imagine the excitement, when at 5 PM, it all came back on? Amazement! Go back and reverse most of the above statement, and you'll feel the joy. Our bird and friend's guinea pig did not freeze. It got down to 54 degrees in the house. I shut them in the bathroom (vented) with 4 candles, and it kept the room at 70 degrees! I couldn't believe the heat from 4 flames.

So, that's the newest stuff happening here - wishing you a Happy New Year and lots of electricity and calm pets.

Friday, December 19, 2008

I found a picture of heaven

This morning the dog woke up when my husband was getting ready for work at 5:30 AM. I took him out, because he wouldn't stop whining and making doggy noises to let me know that he had to go. I wasn't a very happy person. I am not a morning person. Sorry, dear husband!

My daughter however, is a morning person. She woke at 7 AM, rather came to my room at 7 AM (I'm sure she was awake before then) to tell me that she found a picture of heaven in her Bible story book. She was so excited. She showed me how beautiful it was, and told about how she would see Jesus there one day and live with Him forever. Then, she went page by page telling me about each story. Finally, I ended up reading to her the entire Christmas story, and she was so delighted.

Even though I'm not a morning person, its hard not to see the blessing this is. I mean, it doesn't get much better then to wake up and hear how much your child loves Jesus, and hear her excitement about learning more and more about God.

Now for that cup of coffee . . . .

Monday, December 15, 2008

Pre- Christmas ramblings

Today was a snow day, kind of. The schools were closed. The air station was closed, although my husband went in anyways, because the notice was posted late. We still did school at home. I worked for hours updating my lesson plans, this afternoon. Social Studies is almost done for the year. We will do science next. I will kind of miss it, my daughter loves using the globe and learning about other countries. Her writing is coming along. And, she is reading some books using sight word and picture cues. She will get phonics eventually, I really believe it.

My husband got the oil changed in both cars, and snow tires on them too. The food shopping was done (he ice biked to the supermarket, in 8 degree weather) and meals are planned for a few days. It was nice having him home. Tomorrow, I visit my son's preschool to see if progress has been made. Its been a rather weak preschool program, but I am hopeful. I am hopeful, because he loves it and I'm not sure I'm ready to homeschool him yet. Definitely in the Fall. Wednesday, I am a reader at church (I've got to dig out the script!), and Thursday, my son has a little preschool program, and my daughter's last dance class, before the holidays. Saturday, I have a sleepover, with my girlfriends three kids. I think we will all go to the movies. Oh, I almost forgot, Wednseday is therapy day. That's the day I get to find out how overprogrammed I am and spend the next week trying to practice being calm and tame my anxiety.

At some point, I need to the len for my daughter's glasses put in and drop off Christmas presents for the Occupational therapist and speech teacher. Oh, and write Christmas cards, mail the gifts (umm, they are gonna be late, aren't they!) My neighbor wants me to come over an bake cookies with her. I have to make arrangements for Scotty to get neutered again. Imagine if someone was going to visit for the holidays? I'm so glad they aren't going to! How did Christmas get to be like this? Can't things be calm?

It's almost midnight again. It sneaks up on me, the end of the day.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Food, you lose tonight!

I pushed past the urge to gorge myself with food. I am feeling unsettled tonight, and the desire to eat is very strong. So, here I am writing about it instead of doing it. Drinking sparkling water, and staying stronger than this unhealthy outlet for my stress.

Why do I get like this? Was it the unresolved feelings I have left from a past disagreement (I'm not going to share it with you)? Is it because I'm tired, yet too keyed up to sleep? Is it because the day was just too busy? I don't know. It just is.

My son is going to a preschool, that I don't really like. Of course, he loves it, he is 3. His teacher sent home a letter of changes, based on parental requests to change and improve the program. She sounded pissed off, and I don't like that. She was running the preschool like a glorified day care. Maybe that is o.k. for kids under 3, but my boy is ready to learn. He was playing for a whole hour, out of two. No letters, numbers, calendar, finger plays, songs, learning games, music, manners, hygiene, prayers, or even snack. Just play, art project, story, and go outside. I can do those things at home. Its part of being a stay at home mom. I put him in preschool, so I could really work with my daughter's homeschooling a couple days a week, without interruption. And, because his best friend was going. And, I thought it would prepare him for table work with me at home. The last one is a stupid reason, I know. I am successfully teaching my daughter at home, why do I need to send my son somewhere else to learn? I'm giving the preschool a month. I'm doing it for my little boy, because he loves playing there.

The eye doctor visit was today. My daughter just needs a new left lens. No more eye patching! She was brave, they dilated her eyes, and that stings. The lens is $60, the lady fitting the glasses was trying to talk me into a $200 eye glass package. Ummm, no, that is really dumb. Her glasses are fine, and they aren't broken. If they break, well, we will get new ones. She has had glasses for a year! Go rip off someone else, crazy eye glass lady.

My girlfriend and kids came over, and my hubby came home. We had pizza and bread sticks. The kids had a great time. My little boy, who eats nothing, and lives on air, asked for food, right at bedtime. How do I stop this? How do I get him to eat? I serve dinner, often foods he likes, and sometimes just what I decide to make. He isn't forced to eat, but if he doesn't that is his last choice of the day. I put it in the fridge. We eat at 5:30, and he goes to bed at 8. So, he could come back to it, but its not a neat habit to eat once in bed. He has had 2 1/2 hours. You can see his ribs. He is a bean pole. I hate this part of being a parent. I could remind him at 7:30, that its his last chance. But, then I have to remember to remind him.

I didn't binge, the intense calling is silenced. I'm sure this was boring if you don't struggle with binge eating, but then again, no one is telling you to read my blog!