Friday, December 19, 2008

I found a picture of heaven

This morning the dog woke up when my husband was getting ready for work at 5:30 AM. I took him out, because he wouldn't stop whining and making doggy noises to let me know that he had to go. I wasn't a very happy person. I am not a morning person. Sorry, dear husband!

My daughter however, is a morning person. She woke at 7 AM, rather came to my room at 7 AM (I'm sure she was awake before then) to tell me that she found a picture of heaven in her Bible story book. She was so excited. She showed me how beautiful it was, and told about how she would see Jesus there one day and live with Him forever. Then, she went page by page telling me about each story. Finally, I ended up reading to her the entire Christmas story, and she was so delighted.

Even though I'm not a morning person, its hard not to see the blessing this is. I mean, it doesn't get much better then to wake up and hear how much your child loves Jesus, and hear her excitement about learning more and more about God.

Now for that cup of coffee . . . .

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