Monday, December 15, 2008

Pre- Christmas ramblings

Today was a snow day, kind of. The schools were closed. The air station was closed, although my husband went in anyways, because the notice was posted late. We still did school at home. I worked for hours updating my lesson plans, this afternoon. Social Studies is almost done for the year. We will do science next. I will kind of miss it, my daughter loves using the globe and learning about other countries. Her writing is coming along. And, she is reading some books using sight word and picture cues. She will get phonics eventually, I really believe it.

My husband got the oil changed in both cars, and snow tires on them too. The food shopping was done (he ice biked to the supermarket, in 8 degree weather) and meals are planned for a few days. It was nice having him home. Tomorrow, I visit my son's preschool to see if progress has been made. Its been a rather weak preschool program, but I am hopeful. I am hopeful, because he loves it and I'm not sure I'm ready to homeschool him yet. Definitely in the Fall. Wednesday, I am a reader at church (I've got to dig out the script!), and Thursday, my son has a little preschool program, and my daughter's last dance class, before the holidays. Saturday, I have a sleepover, with my girlfriends three kids. I think we will all go to the movies. Oh, I almost forgot, Wednseday is therapy day. That's the day I get to find out how overprogrammed I am and spend the next week trying to practice being calm and tame my anxiety.

At some point, I need to the len for my daughter's glasses put in and drop off Christmas presents for the Occupational therapist and speech teacher. Oh, and write Christmas cards, mail the gifts (umm, they are gonna be late, aren't they!) My neighbor wants me to come over an bake cookies with her. I have to make arrangements for Scotty to get neutered again. Imagine if someone was going to visit for the holidays? I'm so glad they aren't going to! How did Christmas get to be like this? Can't things be calm?

It's almost midnight again. It sneaks up on me, the end of the day.

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