Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Yah, its hot. We don't have an AC, but we do have a finished basement. This is the time of year that I really really love it. The kids are camping out there, and I may join them. We made a tent out of a sheet, and they are so excited. I caught them running around while I was outdoor watering the garden (they couldn't see me). I love that they are so happy. Now, they are asleep.

It doesn't get in the 90's too often. Tomorrow, I may surprise them with the sprinkler. I might even join them. I bought 3 box fans and they are all blowing on me right now. Bobo, our cockatiel is downstairs where its cool, and Scotty will go down to his crate soon.

Today, we went to the library to hear a storyteller. She was good. She told about the Big Mouth Frog, and something about the Turtle and the Beaver. The kids liked it. I was annoyed by all the parents who arrived late. It was kind of disruptive. And the mom's that did nothing when their babies/toddlers cried. Last year, my son made a fuss, and you know what we did? We left. Because he was ruining it for everyone else. I was disappointed, but better me, than me and everyone else! But, all and all, the library did a nice job.

We are doing the Summer reading program. I read 6 books with the kids. I owe a $5.00 fine. I am so bad about returning books and renewing them. Its because my mommy always did this for me. She is a librarian. It stinks because we weren't done with them. We were enjoying them. I don't like this rule. I mean, its not like we ate cheetos while reading and got cheezy stains all over them. I know this is how the library makes money and retains their books. For the record, I had a part time job for a couple years in a library. So, I feel that I have a right to complain. And, we checked out 10 more books. I think reading is important. Even if it makes me broke.

Well, its not fun to sleep in the basement when your little brother messes with the night light. I don't know what happened, but they were screaming in the dark. I wonder for how long- because I had my three noisy big box fans on. So, now my daughter is sleeping on the bed I drug downstairs for myself, and my son is sleeping on the couch. Everyone was too afraid to sleep in the tent. I am not sleeping there, because I can't sleep on the floor- its too hard! Oh, and my son has a noisy tiger flashlight too. Its 10 PM. I think this is going to be a long night. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone slept in? Haahahaha!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My handsome son!

My son plays t-ball this year. He is learning a lot. And, he really likes to kick up and dig in the dirt. What a big boy!

My lovely daughter

This is my daughter at soccer. She loved playing the warm up games.

Here she is at her dance recital. She was a swan, and loved dancing on the stage with her class.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Ramblings of the week

We made it through our first week! It was great! I think it is much easier to motivate my daughter to work, when she sees her brother doing school too. Both kids worked really hard this week, and I was exhausted every night. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, we had our 5 hour school day. On Thursday, I took the kids to therapy with me, and then to a nature literacy program in the afternoon. My son is still playing t-ball. And my daughter has one last soccer game left (tomorrow). That's ok, because in a couple weeks, dance begins again. We are very very busy!

Scotty is digging a hole in the yard. I have to figure this out. I think I read somewhere that if you put poop in the area, the dog will avoid it and not dig there. That would be an easy solution. I mean, I wouldn't always want poop in front of my flowerbed, but maybe he'd get the idea?? He poops all over the yard, anyways. Yuck, this is gross. Sorry.

Tomorrow, my husband is on duty, so the kids and I are on our own. We have a soccer picnic, soccer pictures (they are really expensive!)? A soccer potluck, a bike rodeo (its like a bike safety course), and I want to take the kids shopping. My daughter needs new pajamas, and both kids need socks. Good socks, like from the Children's Place or the Gap. We just don't have enough, and the cheap ones get holes too quick. I am thinking that the doggie is coming into Traverse City with us. He would be alone for a long time, if we leave him behind.

Which, also means, I must finally vacuum the back of my van. I got "Lily of the Valley" plants from church, and they spilled in my car. I have a patch of these flowers in my backyard. They are really pretty, and really really poisonous. I tried to rip them out when we moved here 3 years ago, but they are so tough. The kids are afraid of them, because I told them if they touch them or heaven forbid eat them, that they could die. And its true!! Any ways, I don't know why we have this plant in my yard, nor why I insisted on filling in the areas where its spotty. The plants even scare ME. So, I must vacuum the car so the dog doesn't eat roots or flowers and have cardiac arrest.

Our garden is sort of growing now. The tomatoes are sad looking, the cucumbers and peppers died, but the bean seeds sprouted and the carrots have started growing too. I am hoping to do better than last years sad pumpkins.

That's it for now.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lots to do, lots done

The house is coming along. Now the master bathroom, bedroom, and both of the kids rooms are painted. We have all moved back to our own rooms. The ants have moved out of the master bathroom (they are dead), so I've moved back into that bathroom too.

So, now we have the kid's bathroom to tackle next. The wall paper boarder will come down, we will rip out the sink and cabinet, maybe a new toilet? Paint the 80's blue- a very basic white/yellow, and put in a new vinyl flooring. We have another sink and mirror to add. And, the light fixtures are already replaced. I will have to get a nice shower curtain, to brighten things up, but this ugly bathroom will no longer attract the kind of attention where people think, "Icky". My DH is determined that we will complete this project in one day, because he doesn't want the kids to invade our bathroom for long. Maybe? Wouldn't that be great? I hate long drawn out projects.

First grade began yesterday, for my daughter. And, my son had his first day of Preschool at home. It was great! I had very happy cooperative children. I found out that my son knows all his colors (even gold). And he can identify his shapes (except rectangles?) We made red play dough, which was the highlight of his day! My daughter, she loved learning about insects. While everyone else is just finishing up the school year, it is refreshing to be starting up a new year.

After school, I moved the items back into our bedrooms (my DH moved the furniture) and my son ended up in my room alone with a spray can of furniture polish. He sure had a good time until I opened the door and he saw the look on my face. After a lot of tears and timeout, he admitted that he knew it was naughty. So, my quilt needs to go to the laundry mat now, everything needs to be washed and we will see if my cell phone still works. On a positive note, we bought a new beautiful dresser at a garage sale, for me this weekend ($250 dresser and mirror by Ethan Allen with no scratches). It is lovely, and now it is also polished.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kindergarten is OVER!

My daughter and I completed the first year of school at home! On Monday, we begin first grade, and her brother begins Preschool. Yah, he did preschool last year, but not with the "World's Best Teacher", so this year will be bigger and better! (I crack myself up!)

Here is what I am thinking tonight. I am a different breed of mom. This doesn't bother me, but it is becoming more and more apparent to me. I don't jabber about the teacher my child will have, the great/not great school my kids attend, summer vacation, daycare, summer recreation, etc. I don't chat about going back to further my education, or my career. I don't converse about going to the gym, or "me time".

There is nothing wrong with talking about or thinking about all of these things. But, ladies, don't get me wrong, you may be very happy with all this talk, but I am NOT missing out. I don't want those things. (Me time- yah, everyone wants me time) I actually want to spend time with my kids. I don't want to taxi them all over. Do not tell me how you feel bad for me, because I don't get out, and I'm with my kids all the time. Do not assume that this is a problem that I am having.

Here is the truth. I do not want a career. I did that, and I don't miss it. I don't want to go back to school. I did that too, and I would rather chose the books I want to read, and never write a term paper for the rest of my life, thank you. I am very glad that I don't have to deal with bullies, homework, teacher expectations, bus situations, learning problems, etc. I am thrilled that I don't have to think about daycare (and visiting 40 before I choose one). Its simple. I love teaching my kids. I love spending time with my family. In MY family it does not take a village to raise a child, it takes a family to raise a child.

Homeschooling is not that hard. It takes commitment. Doesn't a career take commitment? I just have different priorities. In this world, public education is teaching kids stuff I don't believe in. Nothing is wrong any more, there is no moral compass, because God has been pushed out the door. Government has kicked God out the door. Thankfully, my kids aren't being indoctrinated into little tiny socialists. Are there other mom's out there who think like me? Maybe, I'm just a little bit strange. But, don't feel bad that I'm "stuck home with the kids", I wouldn't have it any other way.