Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lots to do, lots done

The house is coming along. Now the master bathroom, bedroom, and both of the kids rooms are painted. We have all moved back to our own rooms. The ants have moved out of the master bathroom (they are dead), so I've moved back into that bathroom too.

So, now we have the kid's bathroom to tackle next. The wall paper boarder will come down, we will rip out the sink and cabinet, maybe a new toilet? Paint the 80's blue- a very basic white/yellow, and put in a new vinyl flooring. We have another sink and mirror to add. And, the light fixtures are already replaced. I will have to get a nice shower curtain, to brighten things up, but this ugly bathroom will no longer attract the kind of attention where people think, "Icky". My DH is determined that we will complete this project in one day, because he doesn't want the kids to invade our bathroom for long. Maybe? Wouldn't that be great? I hate long drawn out projects.

First grade began yesterday, for my daughter. And, my son had his first day of Preschool at home. It was great! I had very happy cooperative children. I found out that my son knows all his colors (even gold). And he can identify his shapes (except rectangles?) We made red play dough, which was the highlight of his day! My daughter, she loved learning about insects. While everyone else is just finishing up the school year, it is refreshing to be starting up a new year.

After school, I moved the items back into our bedrooms (my DH moved the furniture) and my son ended up in my room alone with a spray can of furniture polish. He sure had a good time until I opened the door and he saw the look on my face. After a lot of tears and timeout, he admitted that he knew it was naughty. So, my quilt needs to go to the laundry mat now, everything needs to be washed and we will see if my cell phone still works. On a positive note, we bought a new beautiful dresser at a garage sale, for me this weekend ($250 dresser and mirror by Ethan Allen with no scratches). It is lovely, and now it is also polished.

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