Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kindergarten is OVER!

My daughter and I completed the first year of school at home! On Monday, we begin first grade, and her brother begins Preschool. Yah, he did preschool last year, but not with the "World's Best Teacher", so this year will be bigger and better! (I crack myself up!)

Here is what I am thinking tonight. I am a different breed of mom. This doesn't bother me, but it is becoming more and more apparent to me. I don't jabber about the teacher my child will have, the great/not great school my kids attend, summer vacation, daycare, summer recreation, etc. I don't chat about going back to further my education, or my career. I don't converse about going to the gym, or "me time".

There is nothing wrong with talking about or thinking about all of these things. But, ladies, don't get me wrong, you may be very happy with all this talk, but I am NOT missing out. I don't want those things. (Me time- yah, everyone wants me time) I actually want to spend time with my kids. I don't want to taxi them all over. Do not tell me how you feel bad for me, because I don't get out, and I'm with my kids all the time. Do not assume that this is a problem that I am having.

Here is the truth. I do not want a career. I did that, and I don't miss it. I don't want to go back to school. I did that too, and I would rather chose the books I want to read, and never write a term paper for the rest of my life, thank you. I am very glad that I don't have to deal with bullies, homework, teacher expectations, bus situations, learning problems, etc. I am thrilled that I don't have to think about daycare (and visiting 40 before I choose one). Its simple. I love teaching my kids. I love spending time with my family. In MY family it does not take a village to raise a child, it takes a family to raise a child.

Homeschooling is not that hard. It takes commitment. Doesn't a career take commitment? I just have different priorities. In this world, public education is teaching kids stuff I don't believe in. Nothing is wrong any more, there is no moral compass, because God has been pushed out the door. Government has kicked God out the door. Thankfully, my kids aren't being indoctrinated into little tiny socialists. Are there other mom's out there who think like me? Maybe, I'm just a little bit strange. But, don't feel bad that I'm "stuck home with the kids", I wouldn't have it any other way.


Lyndsey said...

I think what you're doing is wonderful! I wish that I could do it myself--if I could my children would not be attending public school, but I don't know how to adequately teach two children with such severe learning disabilities. Keep up the good work!

Puffin said...

Thanks Lyndsey! You are working so hard to get your kids the help they need (especially selling your home to move to a better school district), and I admire you for that. It will pay off. Your kids have one smart Mama!