Friday, June 12, 2009

Ramblings of the week

We made it through our first week! It was great! I think it is much easier to motivate my daughter to work, when she sees her brother doing school too. Both kids worked really hard this week, and I was exhausted every night. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, we had our 5 hour school day. On Thursday, I took the kids to therapy with me, and then to a nature literacy program in the afternoon. My son is still playing t-ball. And my daughter has one last soccer game left (tomorrow). That's ok, because in a couple weeks, dance begins again. We are very very busy!

Scotty is digging a hole in the yard. I have to figure this out. I think I read somewhere that if you put poop in the area, the dog will avoid it and not dig there. That would be an easy solution. I mean, I wouldn't always want poop in front of my flowerbed, but maybe he'd get the idea?? He poops all over the yard, anyways. Yuck, this is gross. Sorry.

Tomorrow, my husband is on duty, so the kids and I are on our own. We have a soccer picnic, soccer pictures (they are really expensive!)? A soccer potluck, a bike rodeo (its like a bike safety course), and I want to take the kids shopping. My daughter needs new pajamas, and both kids need socks. Good socks, like from the Children's Place or the Gap. We just don't have enough, and the cheap ones get holes too quick. I am thinking that the doggie is coming into Traverse City with us. He would be alone for a long time, if we leave him behind.

Which, also means, I must finally vacuum the back of my van. I got "Lily of the Valley" plants from church, and they spilled in my car. I have a patch of these flowers in my backyard. They are really pretty, and really really poisonous. I tried to rip them out when we moved here 3 years ago, but they are so tough. The kids are afraid of them, because I told them if they touch them or heaven forbid eat them, that they could die. And its true!! Any ways, I don't know why we have this plant in my yard, nor why I insisted on filling in the areas where its spotty. The plants even scare ME. So, I must vacuum the car so the dog doesn't eat roots or flowers and have cardiac arrest.

Our garden is sort of growing now. The tomatoes are sad looking, the cucumbers and peppers died, but the bean seeds sprouted and the carrots have started growing too. I am hoping to do better than last years sad pumpkins.

That's it for now.