Friday, January 1, 2010

Schooling my preschooler

So, I am actually in the middle of a sleepover. Everyone is tucked in, and quiet. That is kinda amazing! Even the dogs are quiet. It is the first bit of silence that I have encountered since about 5:30 AM, when my husband left for work. He is standing New Years Day Duty. I remember the silence, after he kissed me and left for work, and then I suppose that I fell asleep for another hour. The kids (3) will be here until Sunday morning. Then, their mom will come to get them (perhaps drink coffee?) and our families will go to church together. It is a nice arrangement. My girlfriend occasionally watches my two, and pup. And, we return the favor. No cash involved, just smiles are exchanged. It is really a blessing.

So, I am thinking about my son's schooling. I am bored. And, its not good to sit around bored, doing the same stuff over and over. So, I ordered an Explode the Code workbook for him. I think he will be proud to use it. He really likes his Handwriting without Tears workbook, but this will not involve so much fine motor. It will be the start of phonics and reading. And, we will begin Saxon K Math. I ordered him a meeting book. He is so ready to start formal math lessons. This curriculum is very hands on, and I think he will like it.

I will refrain from introducing the A Beka curriculum until the Fall, I think. I have to order the Science and Social Studies student books. I have the Teacher's Editions from when I used them with my daughter.

Bible Lessons- we are almost done with the Beginner's Bible! We used Little Lambs last year, rather, my son did- in church preschool. It is geared for a group setting. And on Concordia Publishing House's website, there isn't much else. I am disappointed by CPH, I'd love to use Lutheran resources, if there was anything decent to chose from. I am using "A Garden of Bible Stories" with my daughter, and don't like the workbooks. I guess I could just read it as a story book to my son.

As far as what we are doing in preschool- my son has learned all his uppercase letters, and can write them on a chalk board and he can trace them. He can also write his first name with uppercase letters! We will do numbers next.

He knows his ABC's all uppercase and lowercase, and he knows the sounds each letter makes. He can put the numbers 1-10 in order, count to 8 fairly accurately (to 10 with less accuracy, because he loses focus) and he can match quantity to numeral, give quantity and count objects in pictures, to about 8, as well.

The Kumon books for cutting, are so wonderful! He is progressing so well. And, projects are fun. He really enjoys it.

I read to him, along side his sister. He enjoys some books more than others. Trains, planes and trucks are always favorites.

So, that is where we are in preschool. It is a good foundation, and we will build on it. Its fun to think that Kindergarten is just around the corner! :)