Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The First Showing

Its a rainy day, it rained all last night. The dandelions have sprouted, and there are "blowing flowers" everywhere, as my kids call them. But, the house is clean. I wonder what the chances are that we'd sell the house to the first person who looks at it? Probably unlikely, but it could happen :)

This will be a distracting school day.

It is a weird feeling to have strangers walk through your house and look at all your stuff.

That is all I have to say about that.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bicycle Shopping

I went bicycle shopping on Saturday, for a few hours with my family. Not for them, but for me :) It made my husband's heart soar, as I went into each shop (three of them), explained how my wrists, hands and butt always hurt when I ride. And, how for 8 years, my husband has tried to find me the right bike with zero success.

So I tried a few. I took them out on the road and bike trails. I found some bicycles that do not cause me pain and agony! My favorite is the Electra Townie. It put absolutely no pressure on my hands and arms, and the seat was surprisingly comfortable!

I have found the bike for me! Ummm, except the bike for me is $400. I will either have to save up or just keep dreaming. It would be so nice to have a pain-free family bike ride and share my spouse's love of cycling!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Summary of a great school day!

Well, let me tell you- IT ROCKS!

Today was an awesome day. It started with my DH being on duty tonight, meaning he would be home all morning, until about 2 PM. So, we put my daughter's eye patch on and he read to her about Galaxies. Its very cool to have time to read books about the things that interest your kids. She was fascinated. The book is called, "Galaxies, Galaxies" by Gail Gibbons. They also read a silly book about Dogs in Space, a book about Pluto. She also read some books to her dad.

While he read to her, I quickly showered, and then read to my son - more library books about trains. He loves the "one-to-one" time with me. We did a weather chart and calendar.

My daughter joined us, and we sang some patriotic music, the Pledge, a morning prayer, and Bible memory verse.

Next, my daughter did her Math lesson and calendar. She is so smart. She is doing worksheets this year, and getting fairly good at reading the directions. There are lots of math words, and I'm so excited that she is learning them (triangle, angle, first, fourth, etc.) She did the back of the worksheet with her dad. We use Saxon Math 1, and it is very hands on, as well as, very visual.

Then she ran outside for recess, while I did Math with my son. He is counting objects (today it was helicopters) and pattern blocks. He uses a picture pattern and is getting very skilled at making them. My son ran outside for recess where he drew pictures with chalk on the driveway.

My daughter came in and did Explode the Code, her reading workbook, followed by writing a journal page. Today's was "This is red." Not the most creative piece, but she drew/colored a red block. Then, a page from Handwriting without Tears, practicing numbers.

We all had lunch together. My son tried a carrot. He dipped it in peanut butter! He eats no veggies, so this was exciting.

DH started to teach our daughter the recorder. He said that she is learning to hold it right, but she wants to play it like a kazoo. I told him that since he played the saxophone, and was in band, he could teach her to play the recorder. It involves a lot of fine motor, but I think she will get it. I think they had fun together.

My son did music with me, he requested, "Ring around the Rosie" and we sang "Jesus loves me" and he actually sang! I don't think I've ever heard him sing along with me. I LOVED it! Then, we took out my guitar and rhythm instruments and we sang a melody of train/railroad songs. He loves trains (he didn't sing though). We also did his handwriting and fine motor lessons. He laced a triangle, cut with scissors (we are using Kumon) and scribbled ants, bugs and bees from Handwriting without Tears. He switches hands back and forth. I don't know which hand is dominant.

My daughter finished up with a Social Studies lesson on Symbols of our Country, The Great Seal, the flag and the Bald Eagle. She did a little geography too, and remembers her oceans from Kindergarten Smile We are using A Beka Books.

My son came back inside and we did a reading lesson. He is working on labeling lowercase letters, Brain Quest Questions, and Sequencing Pictures. I am trying to get him to talk about the pictures, instead of grunting.

Everybody cheered! We were done for the day! I love my kids, I love my husband, and I love my job!!! DH left for work, and I got to work in my flower bed for a little bit, while the kids played. It was certainly a nice day of school.