Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bicycle Shopping

I went bicycle shopping on Saturday, for a few hours with my family. Not for them, but for me :) It made my husband's heart soar, as I went into each shop (three of them), explained how my wrists, hands and butt always hurt when I ride. And, how for 8 years, my husband has tried to find me the right bike with zero success.

So I tried a few. I took them out on the road and bike trails. I found some bicycles that do not cause me pain and agony! My favorite is the Electra Townie. It put absolutely no pressure on my hands and arms, and the seat was surprisingly comfortable!

I have found the bike for me! Ummm, except the bike for me is $400. I will either have to save up or just keep dreaming. It would be so nice to have a pain-free family bike ride and share my spouse's love of cycling!

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TJ said...

I did want to tell you that I nominated you as "Kreativ Blogger"
Please see my blog entry for today and please please participate