Friday, July 27, 2012

Upcoming Camping Experience

In a couple weeks, we will take a family camping trip.  This will be my baby's first experience, and I can hardly wait!  I didn't go on the family camping trip last year, as by spring/summer I was quite pregnant.  And, this will be quite different from the past years.

Our Scamp travel trailer is in Kansas, at my in-laws.  We have outgrown it by normal standards, but maybe we haven't by ours.  Recently, we found out that we can add cabinets about the bunk beds and double bed, for around $300.  And, my husband has researched some storage options for under the double bed/table to maximize our space.  We plan to get a generator and a screen door too.  We will either car camp, tent camp or put a mattress on the floor since technically our 13 foot Scamp has beds for four.  But, alas, the Scamp is not in Alaska right now, it is in Kansas.  So, these projects will be in the future.

Here is a Scamp, please ignore the cheezy people!

In the meantime, we could rent a Scamp, but on this trip, we won't.  Instead, we will do a couple test runs of camping, so that next summer, we can car/tent camp through Alaska and Canada on the ALCAN and beyond, to wherever we move to next.  Hopefully, we will be able to travel to Kansas to get our trailer during this time.  Honestly, who knows?  Its fun to think about, but the destination is still unknown.  We move next summer, possibly about this time of year.  We have our choices in mind, but its too early to tell where we will actually end up.

So, back to the upcoming trips.  We will go to a local beach, about 30-40 minutes away.  The baby and I will sleep in the minivan together.  My husband, son and daughter will tent camp nearby.  I don't really like sleeping on the ground, and the tent isn't big enough for all of us.  The plan is to remove the middle seat, move up the backseat and I will sleep in a bedroll in the back.  My baby/almost toddler, in a peapod.  Here's a picture of each:

Cool bed roll, its about 6 inches thick.  No leaky air mattress for me!

This Peapod is one of those instant tents, and pops open.

My next purchase was a camp kitchen box.  I tried to make one with ideas from Pinterest, but it didn't work out too well.  So we researched this camp kitchen, the Sherpa Camp Table and organizer.  The front zips closed, and the legs stow inside.  The tabletop also stows inside a pouch.  So, essentially you have a box with handles which turns into a standing kitchen, and our propane stove top can sit on top for cooking.
These zipper pouches fit on the shelves.  They hold a lot!    

 Pinterest did have great ideas for a Rubbermaid box and lid to store camping gear, and I have this nearly prepared.  The idea is to leave the stuff inside the box, so its all there when we are ready to go.  Then, there is the potty, hot shower and privacy tent.  We've used this set up before and let me tell you, a hot shower on demand will camping makes all the difference!

This little box - The Zodi Hot Camp Shower is awesome!

We also got a screen tent with a floor.  These babies are hard to find!  But without the floor, its mosquito city.  This is our second try.  The floorless kind usually had more bugs in it than the whole campsite.  What a waste!  This screen room doesn't have a rainfly, so it might not work well in Kodiak.

At 12X12 feet, this will be the biggest thing on our campsite!

 I can't figure out how to add it to my blog, but I've created a camp checklist.  I will not be a crazy lady the night before our camping trip, and I will be organized enough to enjoy myself, instead of dealing with the anxiety of finding things and wishing that I had not forgotten some key items.  And, we are just planning on a couple days.   So, we will set up camp, spray some bug repellent, make a campfire, roast marshmallows, pick some salmon berries  and hopefully catch some salmon!  What fun!  Then, in September, we will do it again, only better!