Saturday, November 28, 2009

Winter is arriving

It snowed on Thanksgiving day a little bit, and then some more on Friday. The ground is still too warm for it to stick around, but winter is blowing into Northern Michigan.

Today, we went to a theatrical performance of "Click, Clack, Moo" it was based on a children's book and it was excellent. We sat in the Opera House in Traverse City, and laughed. I will be on the look out for more family activities like this, it is nice to smile together! After the show, we got coffee (the kids got chocolate muffins). Then, I bought a journal. We had a lovely afternoon together.

On the drive home, the kids enjoyed a field guide on Michigan birds. They were pointing out all the ones they have seen before. We just put a feeder in the tree outside our picture window. I am tempted to add a few more feeders. We are all enjoying it. My son's favorite bird is the Cardinal. A female was on the feeder yesterday, but he can't believe that even though the girls aren't bright red, they are still cardinals. My daughter loves the Chickadees. So do I. I don't think I'll get to take them bird watching to see puffins anytime soon, but one day, I hope to do that again.

My husband is back, he has been back for almost a week (got home last Monday). Life is good. The kids can't get enough of him. I am thankful to have my best friend back. We are happy to be together as a family again. He put the studded tires on his bike, and is ready for the harsh weather to arrive. He will bike all winter long, craving it, and enjoying the solitude as everyone else here packs their bicycles away for Springtime.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A few more days

I have tried not to complain. Honestly, who wants to read about it. But, in a few days, I will no longer be a single parent. I have not had a day off in six weeks. I have not seen my husband in that long. I need to see him again, and I seriously need a break. I need to find a babysitter, I can't believe that I went six weeks without a sitter or anyone watching my kids to give me a break. Its a miracle that I still have my sanity.

I think this week is parent teacher conferences in this area of the country. I do not miss those things. I heard parents' at my daughter's dance class chatting about it. Parents are forever complaining about doing homework with their kids. I actually think that's kind of funny, but if you are one of those parents, I will be polite and not say that comment to you in real life. But, I am finding it is nice to know where we are at, every day of the year, with no surprises. I might not always like where we are at, but I can take full responsibility for it, and work to help my kids improve and learn. I am always improving my teaching, as well. How many teachers will admit to that?!

Oh, remember how several posts back, I said, "Skype is nice"? Well, its not. Not overseas anyways. The overseas connections stink. It is nearly impossible to chat, let alone use the video conferencing feature. Phones are bad too, so its not just one type of technology. And, email, well it is our only resort sometimes. I miss having a face to face conversation with my best friend.

My little ones are tucked in, I am waiting for my DH to log onto skype, and thinking about bed. Three days left. Only three days left.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Party!

Yesterday, my daughter turned 7. She had a lovely day. The cake lady at church made a puppy cake for November birthday's - and everyone sang Happy Birthday. We had a party, with 10 kids in all, and it was delightful. My daughter loved being the center of attention, loved the games, and of course the presents.

We now have four online pets, for the littlest pet shop online games, although the newest pet, her favorite will not run on our computer. And, it requires a monthly fee. What a gimmick. So, she will play on the old virtual world.

But, she is ok with this, and for that, I am proud of her. (She did say, "Well, Daddy is smarter than you mom." OUCH! So, she is hoping that he will fix the problem when he comes home from deployment.)

My son, he's 4, and its hard to see your big sister get so much attention and new toys. He did not like it one bit. He did like playing with friends, and cried when they all went home.

I got the post party let down. You know that kind where you should be relieved that its all over, but you kinda feel blue instead. I haven't slept well since my DH left, and last night was especially bad. But, he will be home in a week (maybe). And, there will be great rejoicing!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Planning the Puppy Party

Sunday, we will have my daughter's 7th birthday party. It will be the puppy party. I have decorated sun visors with felt ears, cut really fat pipe cleaner tails, and we have face paint for noses and freckles.

We will have games- feed the bone to the puppy (pin the tail on the donkey), dog, dog, cat (duck, duck, goose), find the puppy (hide n' seek), dog bone hunt (scavenger hunt for cardboard bones), and puppy toss (laundry basket game). Maybe, puppy tricks too?

We will eat pupcakes, and I'm still looking for those graham cracker Scooby Doo snacks. Hmm, maybe they aren't making those anymore? Oh, and corn dogs.

The thing is, this darn swine flu. Nobody RSVPs anymore. Everyone is waiting I guess. I have three definite, three unknown and three maybes, plus of course my two kids. And, I'm blaming the flu, and not people's busy lives. Please come to her party, it will be so much fun! With adults included, I could have seven people at my house or twenty!! Yikes! We have only four chairs! LOL!

The house will be clean, the doggie bags will be ready, and its almost time to bring your muddy paws over. Although, remember, in Northwest Michigan, take your muddy shoes off and set them by the door, its expected (Just kidding, BTW, I always wear my shoes in my house).

My daughter is so excited. She got a Littlest Pet Shop VIP last year, and the stupid deal is, you must "borrow" or buy a new pet to keep playing the game once the year is up. Her year was up last month. She is absolutely obsessed with adoption day. On her birthday, she expects to get "Nadine" her new VIP (Very important Pet) and continue to play her online game. She will have two mice - last year's who is named "D.W." and this year's who will be "Nadine". This is the big exciting event of the day. I hope she doesn't try to break free from the festivities to play on the computer! (It is possible she will try).

See ya after Sunday, have a great day!