Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Planning the Puppy Party

Sunday, we will have my daughter's 7th birthday party. It will be the puppy party. I have decorated sun visors with felt ears, cut really fat pipe cleaner tails, and we have face paint for noses and freckles.

We will have games- feed the bone to the puppy (pin the tail on the donkey), dog, dog, cat (duck, duck, goose), find the puppy (hide n' seek), dog bone hunt (scavenger hunt for cardboard bones), and puppy toss (laundry basket game). Maybe, puppy tricks too?

We will eat pupcakes, and I'm still looking for those graham cracker Scooby Doo snacks. Hmm, maybe they aren't making those anymore? Oh, and corn dogs.

The thing is, this darn swine flu. Nobody RSVPs anymore. Everyone is waiting I guess. I have three definite, three unknown and three maybes, plus of course my two kids. And, I'm blaming the flu, and not people's busy lives. Please come to her party, it will be so much fun! With adults included, I could have seven people at my house or twenty!! Yikes! We have only four chairs! LOL!

The house will be clean, the doggie bags will be ready, and its almost time to bring your muddy paws over. Although, remember, in Northwest Michigan, take your muddy shoes off and set them by the door, its expected (Just kidding, BTW, I always wear my shoes in my house).

My daughter is so excited. She got a Littlest Pet Shop VIP last year, and the stupid deal is, you must "borrow" or buy a new pet to keep playing the game once the year is up. Her year was up last month. She is absolutely obsessed with adoption day. On her birthday, she expects to get "Nadine" her new VIP (Very important Pet) and continue to play her online game. She will have two mice - last year's who is named "D.W." and this year's who will be "Nadine". This is the big exciting event of the day. I hope she doesn't try to break free from the festivities to play on the computer! (It is possible she will try).

See ya after Sunday, have a great day!

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