Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Party!

Yesterday, my daughter turned 7. She had a lovely day. The cake lady at church made a puppy cake for November birthday's - and everyone sang Happy Birthday. We had a party, with 10 kids in all, and it was delightful. My daughter loved being the center of attention, loved the games, and of course the presents.

We now have four online pets, for the littlest pet shop online games, although the newest pet, her favorite will not run on our computer. And, it requires a monthly fee. What a gimmick. So, she will play on the old virtual world.

But, she is ok with this, and for that, I am proud of her. (She did say, "Well, Daddy is smarter than you mom." OUCH! So, she is hoping that he will fix the problem when he comes home from deployment.)

My son, he's 4, and its hard to see your big sister get so much attention and new toys. He did not like it one bit. He did like playing with friends, and cried when they all went home.

I got the post party let down. You know that kind where you should be relieved that its all over, but you kinda feel blue instead. I haven't slept well since my DH left, and last night was especially bad. But, he will be home in a week (maybe). And, there will be great rejoicing!

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Anonymous said...

And they were forced to eat Robin's minstrels. And there was great rejoicing.