Thursday, November 12, 2009

A few more days

I have tried not to complain. Honestly, who wants to read about it. But, in a few days, I will no longer be a single parent. I have not had a day off in six weeks. I have not seen my husband in that long. I need to see him again, and I seriously need a break. I need to find a babysitter, I can't believe that I went six weeks without a sitter or anyone watching my kids to give me a break. Its a miracle that I still have my sanity.

I think this week is parent teacher conferences in this area of the country. I do not miss those things. I heard parents' at my daughter's dance class chatting about it. Parents are forever complaining about doing homework with their kids. I actually think that's kind of funny, but if you are one of those parents, I will be polite and not say that comment to you in real life. But, I am finding it is nice to know where we are at, every day of the year, with no surprises. I might not always like where we are at, but I can take full responsibility for it, and work to help my kids improve and learn. I am always improving my teaching, as well. How many teachers will admit to that?!

Oh, remember how several posts back, I said, "Skype is nice"? Well, its not. Not overseas anyways. The overseas connections stink. It is nearly impossible to chat, let alone use the video conferencing feature. Phones are bad too, so its not just one type of technology. And, email, well it is our only resort sometimes. I miss having a face to face conversation with my best friend.

My little ones are tucked in, I am waiting for my DH to log onto skype, and thinking about bed. Three days left. Only three days left.

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