Saturday, November 28, 2009

Winter is arriving

It snowed on Thanksgiving day a little bit, and then some more on Friday. The ground is still too warm for it to stick around, but winter is blowing into Northern Michigan.

Today, we went to a theatrical performance of "Click, Clack, Moo" it was based on a children's book and it was excellent. We sat in the Opera House in Traverse City, and laughed. I will be on the look out for more family activities like this, it is nice to smile together! After the show, we got coffee (the kids got chocolate muffins). Then, I bought a journal. We had a lovely afternoon together.

On the drive home, the kids enjoyed a field guide on Michigan birds. They were pointing out all the ones they have seen before. We just put a feeder in the tree outside our picture window. I am tempted to add a few more feeders. We are all enjoying it. My son's favorite bird is the Cardinal. A female was on the feeder yesterday, but he can't believe that even though the girls aren't bright red, they are still cardinals. My daughter loves the Chickadees. So do I. I don't think I'll get to take them bird watching to see puffins anytime soon, but one day, I hope to do that again.

My husband is back, he has been back for almost a week (got home last Monday). Life is good. The kids can't get enough of him. I am thankful to have my best friend back. We are happy to be together as a family again. He put the studded tires on his bike, and is ready for the harsh weather to arrive. He will bike all winter long, craving it, and enjoying the solitude as everyone else here packs their bicycles away for Springtime.

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