Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Leaves, please leave

It has been a lovely Autumn. Then it rained. It just kept raining. Now all my leaves are down. Lots of wet leaves. I am out there daily, for an hour or two, trying to rid my yard of them with a leaf blower that was on sale at the hardware store this year.

I keep going out there, but they keep falling. And getting wet. Well, now they are all down, and I can just feel the snow creeping around the corner. Yes, it was in the 50's today, but it won't last.

So, its man versus the leaves, or woman in my case. My kids yell from the house while I do this, they need various things. It doesn't matter what, they need it, and I must stop, help and go back to my chore. Sometimes they come outside and play, but these leaves have critters in them because its been so wet, and other stuff (yah, we have a dog). So, they aren't leaf pile quality right now.

Will I finish before the snow settles in? It arrived last year by early November and it didn't melt till April. My neighbors across the street have no trees, they barely have to lift a finger. On our property, we have at least a dozen trees, and some forest around the property. I guess its a forest, at least I tell the kids that. Ok, its a bunch of lots with a whole bunch of trees in them.

I saw chickadees today. I suppose they have been there hiding and now are exposed in the bare trees. Cute little birdies.

Ok, somebody please buy this lovely house, so I don't have to do this job again next year!?!

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