Friday, October 9, 2009

Skype is Nice!

We got a new notebook - its actually a PC (I know, I know, its almost sinful). I have used a Mac for almost 10 years now. But, DH has it on his deployment and it has a webcam. We got a cheap webcam for our laptop, and now once in a while, I can "see" my husband while he is away!! Its very cool!

I know this technology is probably considered ancient to most of you, but I'm a girl who never text messages. I've never even tried it. I don't know how to download pictures from my phone, and on that note, I have a "pay as you go" phone. Only one of you (husband) has the number to that phone because I have 19 hours to last me the whole year. I did it last year, so don't laugh. Its actually possible!

But, our kids can see daddy sometimes during this deployment, and that is really awesome. I can see my husband's face, which somehow makes everything feel right. Cell phones don't work very well/at all, where he is, and email just started up after a whole week. But, the kids don't really get into email.

Put daddy on the computer screen, and my son goes wild. He loves it! They make silly faces at each other, and he tells daddy all about what he is thinking about. Its usually something about trains, helicopters, or being squashed by a big butt (its a guy thing- daddy/son bonding, he's 4 ok?) Our son walked by the computer later in the morning, after a nice talk with dad, and yelled at the computer, "Daddy! Daddy? Are you in there? I'm talking to you Daddy!" I think he sort of believes that Daddy is living in the computer, but I am not really 100% sure.

Our daughter, well she is a little chatter box. On the Skype, its no different. She doesn't let him talk, she just has sooooo much to share. She shows him her Littlest Pet Shop Mouse, asks him about the room he is sitting in, and desperately wants to know exactly where he is, and what he is going to do tomorrow. It is hard for her to understand why Daddy can't tell her these details, and I think she will ask him every chance she gets.

The kids talk about Daddy on an off all day. Little memories, and excitement about when he is coming home. They really don't have a concept of how long 6 weeks is, but they understand the order of holidays, so we map out- first is Mom's birthday, then Halloween, then Delenna's birthday and then Thanksgiving. Daddy should be home around Thanksgiving time. I don't really want them to count on him being home for Thanksgivng, because you just never know. I have learned not to make countdown calendars, because the Coast Guard doesn't work that way. And that is ok. If he isn't home - I am NOT cooking a turkey. We'll eat at the galley at the air station instead. Hmm, I could actually do this if he is home (that's not very nice of me, is it? LOL!)

I am feeling content, and ready to have a fun weekend with my kiddos. Looking forward to emails from my love, and thankful for a good school routine that gets us through the week.

Blessing to all!

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