Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bold new glasses

Today, I took the kids on their "field trip" (hahahaha). We went to counseling (for me, and its working out great bringing both kids with me *sarcasm*, thanks for asking!), and then to the mall to buy a new pair of glasses for me, because the arm broke off my glasses two days ago, and I'm getting headaches from them not sitting right on my face. I went to 3 stores, had to order my lenses. And, quite honestly, they all sold really ugly frames. Ugly and expensive frames.

So, we had lunch in the food court. And we bought shoes and jeans (for the kids). We went home. After a half-hour breather, we took one more trip in town and got the job done. I spent almost $400 (YIKES!) on frame, lens, and anti-reflective coating (so I can drive at night). They sent me home with my frames, thicker plastic lens (temporary) and my new lighter lens in two weeks.

Guess what? Except that they are red on the top and rimless on the bottom- they are exactly the same size and shape as my broken pair. I did not realize this till I was home. I have a great imagination. I am willing to try new things. I thought I was being daring with red/rimless. They are almost the same. So much for bold. That is what happens when you look for the perfect eye glasses all day long- you end up settling on what is familiar. Even if it costs you twice as the first time.

Thankfully, these frames come with a three year warranty.

We now have to pay fines at the library since we never got there. I guess this was the "eye glass field trip". My daughter is ok with the fact that they are red, even though pink is much better. :)

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