Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Its quiet here

Its a very quiet evening. The heat just turned on, so its toasty in here. Tonight, I bought a leaf blower. Well, that wasn't quiet, actually, but my reflections on the evening are calm and peaceful. I tried it out, and the kids used their rakes. I cleared half of the front yard, and then surprised them by making two very large leaf piles. The jumped to their hearts' content! My son told me that this was the best thing ever! I had been scolding them and trying to keep them at a distance, because I didn't want them to play near the leaf blower- yah know, no eye injuries needed. So, when they realized that I was creating some fun for them, I actually caught them off guard. Mommy gets a star sticker tonight :)

They are in bed now, showered/bathed and squeaky clean. The dog is in his crate asleep. The bird in in his cage, covered.

I've completed one full week without my husband. He's my best friend, yah know, so its not easy. But, there are only 5 weeks left! He should be underway now, we talked last night for a few expensive minutes, and he is off to a boat out in the sea today, I would expect. I'm being vague on purpose. Military deployments are like that- all secretive and stuff.

I truly wonder who is following my blog, if anyone. I mean, I know my MIL is a faithful follower. But, now that I've left facebook (a colossal waste of time, if you are on FB, admit it!!) I don't know if anyone is still out there, or if I am just journaling to myself, which is not necessarily a bad thing either.

Its quiet here- feel free to reveal yourself if you are out there, and go jump in a pile of leaves for me, it will make your heart happy :)


CAS said...

Hi! I am following! :) Glad to hear that leaves were a blast! Bet that was the most expensive toy of the season!

Island Girl: Trapped in Paradise said...

Tanya - I've been trying to figure out who you were! Scott & I just were talking about you & if I was in contact as we passed by the old road that lead to Ascend - the road marked by The Frischers Big Boy!

Hope you are well. pray for me - it's cold alrady!

Anonymous said...

I get to read it sometimes 8)

Puffin said...

Hi Sis! Not too expensive, it was on sale for around $50.

I'm glad that you and my wonderful husband follow : )

TJ said...

I follow too, just inconsistently like most things in life!

Hello there, wonderful husband of Jill! :)

Lyndsey said...

I'm here!:)

Puffin said...

Look at you all following my silly thoughts! You make me feel so loved :) And guess what? I follow all your blogs too hehehe!