Saturday, October 17, 2009

I still hate Halloween

I was curious, and looked back to last year to see what I wrote in my blog last year. Yup, there it was. A gripe about a Halloween party. I hate Halloween. Gosh, its still two weeks away. We aren't even to the actual holiday yet. (And if you don't know me well, my birthday is the day before Halloween, and NO I don't wish that I had been born a Halloween baby!)

I have to say, the people who invite me and the kids to their Halloween parties are lovely folks. They are friends, and people that I like to spend time with. My kids love Halloween. In fact, it might just be their favorite holiday! Candy and little junky toys and spider rings are a big hit with my kiddos. They love to dress up and they love to play various games which are at every party. They love to trick or treat door to door - getting candy from strangers.

But, lets be realistic. Huge crowds of kids - especially when my kids only know a couple, paired with games where not everyone wins - just makes my kids fall apart. I come to the rescue, as they have their meltdowns, and as other parents look on with confused looks on their faces. This party added "wait in line" to the mix. Oh, and "the mean little kid".

My kids love the parties, because they love the junk from Oriental Traders. They love the chips, cupcakes, cookies, m&ms, lollipops, etc. They even love actually playing the games (well, except for musical chairs or pass the pumpkin) and the rewards they earn for playing. But, they whine and tantrum. They have no patience. They don't make friends. And, I watch over them, with a smile on my face, wondering why no one else's children are falling apart. Wondering why my kids are so tender and sensitive. And wondering, why in the world do we keep get invited to Halloween parties?

I will be hosting a birthday party in three weeks. We've invited about 11 kids. I am insane. My kids want this. It will be a puppy party. There will be no lines, my kids will know all the kids, and I will be taking Xanax before everyone arrives. Yikes!

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