Monday, October 5, 2009

Very whiny

Last night my glasses broke, while I was talking to my mom on the phone. I took them off to clean them, and the arm just snapped. So, now I have broken glasses sitting on my face. I will have to drive into TC to get them replaced. I am unmotivated, but they can't stay like this.

I am to start a new reading curriculum with my daughter today, and I think I will put my glasses on hold till after our school day, if I can manage. I bought "McRuffy Phonics and Reading", it looks both cute and well organized. I hope it works, and I hope my daughter likes it. We are rewinding to kindergarten and redoing reading/phonics. Explode the Code was a huge waste of time. My daughter didn't explode anything- she liked the little pictures, memorized lots of sight words, and didn't learn phonics at all. I don't think it makes you a "reader" to memorize sight words. If you can't decode words, you'd have to memorize thousands of words.

My husband is gone on deployment. I have still been able to talk to him everyday, but in a couple days, we will be down to just emails for most of his 6 weeks. I usually adjust to all of this, but currently I am just cranky and anxious. I am going through the motions and asking God for lots of patience with my kids, multiple times a day, because they don't deserve a mean mom. The dog is being a big pest, its been raining for 6 days, and my house is getting messy again.

I have revisited the "Flylady", and am working on getting organized. Its a good program, and my house has less clutter than ever before. I like that. But, one day I am very committed and the next, I throw in the towel. There have been only two showings on the house, and (ok very whiny part) no one ever visits me anyways, so sometimes it just seems pointless.

I just want to stay in bed some days and wrap myself in a cocoon, and hibernate. But, I have a barking dog and two sweet little voices that keep me from doing that.


TJ said...

Good luck with the new curriculum, Jill. You still have my full respect for your bravery and strength. I know somedays you don't feel as strong as you'd like to be, but it takes strength and courage to homeschool two young children and be "on" all the time. And it's often thankless, I imagine. I hope you're remembering to take some time off for yourself somehow - a pedicure once in a while, trip to the bookstore for YOU. Something. You are so very deserving!!

I hope that somehow the next 6 weeks is full (in a good way) and flies by until your hunk-0-husband is back by your side. (((hugs))

Puffin said...

Thanks Tanya, you are my cheerleader :) ((Hugs))