Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I guess I'll keep him

I was on the phone today will a few people, trying to giving my dog away. I cried all day long. Scotty can be both an angel and well, you know. He loves my husband, but it is not mutual. Why? Because Scotty jumps on my DH, pees when he arrives, won't pee when DH takes him out, knocks over the kids, gets into stuff, whines and whines. Families days become exhausting, instead of fun. But, my loving husband is indulging me. Scotty was my gift this summer. My dear husband loves cycling (all seasons) and I love dogs. A specialized bicycle was my gift to my husband. Is it possible to turn someone into a dog lover? Is it possible to tame a crazy 50 pound, 6 month old golden retriever?

He is sleeping at my feet. He is calm and content. But, tonight Scotty will sleep in his crate in the dining room. He will sleep out there alone, and be a dog. Usually, I drag the crate down the hall to my bedroom every night, and back out to the kitchen in the morning. No more. And, I will attempt to fit a walk in whenever it is possible. So far, well he never gets a walk. This dog's energy needs are enormous! I will try a dog obedience class again. This dog will learn to behave and be a good pet instead of a pain.

Another thing . . . .

The power went out Sunday morning. It was around 6:30. My husband was at work, and the rest of us, asleep. Kids screamed. It was dark. The sun rises here about 8 AM. I found one flashlight, and spent hours finding candles, batteries, lanterns, more flashlights, coolers, paper goods, and plasticware. Then, all the food got boxed up and went out in the snow. A kid down the street, looking for my husband, helped me open the garage door. I drove to buy water, we had 1/2 a Brita pitcher, that's it. We have a well, so no water in the faucets.

The kids had so many questions. Why can't I watch a DVD? I want toast! Can you make me hot chocolate? Mom! The lights won't go on in the garage, or my room, or the basement, or the hallway, or the bathroom!!! Why can't I keep opening the fridge? I'm cold! Why is it cold? I want my own flashlight? Everything is broken! The clock in my room is broken! The microwave is broken! Why won't the lights turn on -on the Chrismas tree! Nobody else has power either!! Will the power be off forever? When will the power come back on? Why can't I play my game on the computer?

Oh, but then imagine the excitement, when at 5 PM, it all came back on? Amazement! Go back and reverse most of the above statement, and you'll feel the joy. Our bird and friend's guinea pig did not freeze. It got down to 54 degrees in the house. I shut them in the bathroom (vented) with 4 candles, and it kept the room at 70 degrees! I couldn't believe the heat from 4 flames.

So, that's the newest stuff happening here - wishing you a Happy New Year and lots of electricity and calm pets.

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