Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year

1. I am going to throw away/give away at least one garbage bag of junk a week, besides my normal trash. This house will be decluttered!

2. The house will be fixed up:

Son's bedroom - wallpaper removed, painted, baseboards

Daughter's bedroom - boarder removed, painted, new rug, baseboards

Kid's bathroom - boarder removed, sink and toilet replaced, painted, stick on vinyl floor tiles, baseboards

Master bedroom - painted, pictures (purchased almost a year ago) framed and hung, new carpet, baseboards

Master bathroom - ceiling fan, shelving, baseboards

Living room - remove wallpaper, paint, baseboards

Hallway, Dining room and kitchen - paint, new flooring (not the hallway), new stove, baseboards

Outside- paint doors, stain deck, tear down rotted shed, plant shrubs, seed lawn.

All this by summer (hmmmmm) because we have to put the house up for sale!!!

3. Keep a daily planner- by the half hour. Every day. To keep my sanity!

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