Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I am making progress. I am walking twice a day (usually) and eating healthy. It is really hard some days, not to fall back into old habit. Sometimes, I'm ready to make a recipe, and the veggies are spoiled. In frustration, it would be so easy to just grab something quick, but I don't. I think it through and patiently work out the problem. Today's Asian Noodle Soup didn't have scallions. I used dried, and they were so not the same, but it worked.

Right now, I have an over abundance of cookies, because I baked yesterday. I get two small cookies a day. And I am not cheating. I know that with all I made, even if my family eats cookies all day, there will still be a couple left tomorrow. I am not binging (I think its been like 3 weeks!) I am rarely starving, because during the day, I eat about every 3 hours. At night, I kinda fast. I stop eating around 6 or 7 PM. Guess what! No heartburn that way! And, no late night snacking. That was a hurdle that I had to get through. Giving it up was quite challenging, but so worth it.

My size 20-22 pants are very loose. I am going to retire a couple pair. I'm almost into my 18/20 pants. I can hardly wait, probably 2-3 more weeks max. I am ridding myself of these huge things and moving forward. I love it!

At therapy, I'm finding out that I am being a lot more assertive lately. I'm making my needs a priority. It can be done! Some nights I go to bed with a huge mess, but, I get my walk on the treadmill, and I really enjoy it once I am about 5 minutes into the walk. There will always be housework, laundry, dirty dishes. But, I don't have to always be huge.

My engagement ring fits again! (not the wedding band yet). I've lost over 12 lbs! Hooray!

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