Sunday, January 11, 2009

Taking care of myself

Well, the life style changes began today. After two months of therapy for emotional eating, anxiety, depression, etc, I have started working on my weight again. This time it will be with counseling as a support and accountablitity. Yah, its a diet, a dirty word, but being conscious of what food you put into your body isn't a bad thing. I'm doing 1,800 - 2,000 calories a day and a walk in the AM and PM. It will work. It must work. I can't wear my wedding rings anymore. I guess that was the motivator. I iced my finger (I noticed it was turning bluish) and buttered it up with, well butter. I worked it off my finger. There were a few second there that it was stuck on the knuckle, and I wondered if I'd end up in the ER having it cut off (the ring, not my finger!). So, now I have to wear it around my neck. It makes me sad, but I call it a motivator, not an eye opener. I mean, you know when you've gained weight and end up in clothes made for an elephant. Kinda like Babar the elephant. Except, they dressed tastefully for elephants. I am wearing the cheapest things that fit, because I stopped spending money on "nice" clothes about 3 sizes ago.

I am reading a weight loss book/recipe book by Pam Anderson (not the Baywatch Pamela, Pam the chef) Don't worry about it, I found it in Border's bookstore, and I have no idea who she is either. But, its not "diet" food. The recipes are stuff my husband will eat, and filled with whole grains, veggies, fruit and stuff like that. I walked on the treadmill twice today, totaling 40 minutes. I am going to get up 30 minutes before my daughter and then walk again right after the kids go to bed. I know that this will work. It felt really good to start walking again. My husband thinks that I'm hilarious walking in my K-mart "Cow" pajamas. They have cow spots on them. What was I thinking?

So tonight we ate baked foil pockets- they had a barbacue sauce, bell peppers and jumbo shrimp. It was delicious! My husband added rice on the side. I even got milk and cookies (homemade from the recipe book) for dessert. At 7 PM, I'm done eating till the morning. I've done this before (after my son was born), but this time I don't have to search for recipes, and I'm not gaining weight due to antidepressants.

So, please cheer me on- the late 30's are tough! I want to be as active as my handsome young husband (he is 6 years younger!) so I can do some of the neat stuff outdoor with the family that he loves, and currently I can't physically handle. I want to wear clothes that don't say Plus.


CAS said...

You can do it!!! Oh, I am so proud of you! Make sure to drink plenty of water, too! That always helps me when I want to grab juice or a pop. If you need some encouragement, drop me a line! I'll be sure to give ya virtual hugs! Take your time and do it right and the next time I see you, we can get something special for both of us to celebrate our smaller sizes! Love ya!

Lyndsey said...

Good luck! You can do this!!