Thursday, February 12, 2009

Peeling and Painting

Well, I gave up waiting and got started. The CG keeps sending my DH places, and we never start our projects. So, I had the kids move my son's furniture to my daughter's room (except the his dresser, which is in my living room), and started to peel ugly wallpaper. I will get out the spray and wallpaper tool, and get back to work tonight. It feels great to get started. (And, Lyndsey if you are reading, I'm thinking about you today!)

We are gearing up to sell this house, this summer. My son's room needs a new coat of paint, and some helicopter pictures on the wall (instead of safari animals. He already has a nice quilt. I might hang it, cause its got a beautiful airport scene with lots of helicopters. Then, I want to add a shelf for some toy helicopters and aviator teddy bears. I think I will get a Coast Guard blanket for his toddler bed, and then its done. (New furniture, ok new to us used furniture after we move).

My kids, in one room. Wow. My son woke at 2:30 AM with a nightmare about bees. Poor little guy! He thought a hive was under his bed. I managed to come him down with about 5 minutes of snuggles, prayer, and one of my pillows. Then he went back to bed. My daughter woke during this too, but was cooperative. Then, they both woke at 6:15 AM to fight and play. I didn't move a muscle. I calmly let them work it out. They yelled and fought (verbally) for a while, and then suddenly were giggling and happy! I love it, it almost was worth the early wake up. (Ha, they won't come and get me till 7 AM, they are so well trained!) I love it!

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Lyndsey said...

I hope it all went well! I pray I never see another strip of wallpaper again!:)