Friday, February 27, 2009

Another day of school

Our school break is around the corner! Today we will finish up the week nice and solid, and then take a much needed break. My daughter and I have been working very hard. She is learning the short a vowel, and phonics is really a challenge for her. She is my sight word girl. She has over 100 sight words, that I know of, but probably more. Do you remember the Dick and Jane books? We have some revised copies, (I think my mom actually used them as primers) and she loves to read them to her Dad. I can't wait till she gets decoding words. Right now, she isn't there, but when my daughter gets a concept she soars. I can feel it just around the corner.

I ordered new curriculum a couple weeks ago, and the order got lost. But, it is suppose to arrive this afternoon. Getting new workbooks and curriculum is like opening a box of candy. I love it! I so love new school supplies! I ordered materials from If you homeschool, check out the website, its really neat! And, then I have a couple other workbooks ordered from Evan-Moor that should arrive next week.

We are doing the 4 seasons in Science, and its lots of fun. I am terrible about art projects, and I am finally throwing some creative ideas in there. We cracked open some supplies from my husband's aunt, and made a Spring flower with glitter, popsicle sticks, wooden shapes, jewels, pipe cleaners etc. I have to pull out my creative side more often. My daughter had so much fun!

And, Lent is upon us. I loved doing Advent stuff with the kids, and now am gearing up for teaching the kids about Christ's death and ressurection. We read about it, learn about salvation all year long, but last year we started reading Arch books all through Lent, and my kids started to "get" it. This year should be even better. We have a set of eggs with a Bible verse and piece of the Easter story in it (e.g., nail, piece of purple cloth, thorn). It was a big hit last year.

My daughter has been asking lots of questions about heaven lately. Its really cool. I think one of her kids shows mentioned "looking down" from heaven, and she is very curious. She wants to know if my dad can see us from heaven. Are animals in heaven? Where is it? Does everyone go there when they die? Do you sit on a cloud? Will I be rich in heaven (streets paved in gold)? What's above the clouds? What's after space? Where is heaven???

I like all this! Here are some of my responses: The Bible doesn't say that you will look down on people from heaven (hmmm, stupid Disney!) and doesn't tell us that our pets will be there. I know some people will say that is harsh, but God's word just doesn't focus on those things, so I won't lie and tell her otherwise. The "does everyone go there when they die?" Is an awesome question! Its perfect for Lent. Gosh, I want all my friends and love ones to be there! Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father but by me." I do not teach my kids universalism. It a lie. I teach them what is in God's word, the Bible. I teach my kids about their baptism and John 3:16- For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that who so ever believeth on Him should not perish but have everlasting life. Yes, I teach my kids about Hell and the devil. And, I teach my kids about salvation. At six, my daughter loves Jesus and is so excited to be one of God's children. The carebears might sit in the clouds (LOL!) but, Jesus is preparing a place a whole lot better : ) Umm, the being rich question is tough. She is kinda stuck on it, "Mommy- there is gold in heaven, and I will be rich! rich! rich!" I'll tackle that another day : )

School is good. I'm glad that all I have to teach isn't just Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. That would be dull.

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