Friday, February 13, 2009

Stupid Jeans!

I have lost 18 lbs. Hooray for me! I looked back in my journal, and was thinking that I've been doing this for about 6 weeks, but no, its only been a month! I have lost 18 lbs. in one month?! I am eating yummy stuff, and walking daily, and it is falling off of me! I love it!

Ok, so I pulled out a box of jeans, and thought that just maybe they would fit. Like, at least one pair, because I have gotten too skinny for two pair that I wore a month ago. Nope! Shouldn't have done that yet! What was I thinking? It was a great reminder that after having two kids and having abdominal muscles cut twice, from c-sections, I have a mommy pouch. It will be the last thing to go. Before it goes, my boobs will disappear, my feet will get narrower, and fat will disappear from other places - but, the belly will be last.

I live in sweat pants. I have fat jeans, and a pair of nice pants for church, but otherwise, its sweat pants. I long to leave my wide pants behind (a friend keeps reminding me that the W is for Woman, not wide, but I don't think so, some clothing designer knew that when a fat woman saw the size 18W or 20W - they would read 18 WIDE, not 18 Womans).

I will keep going until I leave the plus racks behind (and I'm sure my behind will disappear long before my belly too!)

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