Saturday, March 7, 2009

Walk away from the binge

I won't give up, but today was hard. My kids drove me insane, my dog drove me insane, the dishes are piled sky high, the laundry is undone, I feel like I accomplished little or nothing. I did manage to feed my kids, and the dog. I made waffles for the kids, and a pizza for myself (it has some French name, but basically is a thin crust with mustard, ham, caramelized onions, thyme, swiss cheese and a hint of sour cream - I get 1/5 of the pizza). Everything bothered me today.

The dog is locked up at the moment, because he keeps mouthing my arm and jumping on my lap with his front paws. When he isn't doing that, he is stealing stuff, so I will chase him. The kids are in bed, thankfully. My daughter was freaking out because she wanted curtains (she has shades) because the car headlights scare her as the cars and trucks drive by at night. So, after I explained that I had no curtains, but would pray for her, she relaxed and snuggled into bed. Only for my son to start yelling that he didn't want God's angels to watch over him and protect him!! And, that I shouldn't pray for that! (hmmm, I don't know what he thinks angels are). Nice, soothe one child and terrify another in one moment.

Mostly, I am complaining because I want to binge. I haven't felt this way in a month, I think. I ate too many mixed nuts. It was sort of a mini binge, even so, not cool. I am trying to drink my seltzer water and push past the urge to eat. I will walk next, and then try to relax. I am not relaxed lately, even when I try to relax. I think I will force myself to watch a movie after my walk, instead of cleaning. Here I come, Leslie Sansone. Walk away the pounds!

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