Friday, March 20, 2009

Missions and Springtime

I ordered my daughter's Bible curriculum tonight. I am going with A Child's Garden of Bible Stories. It has two workbooks and a book on prayers. And, I am waiting to hear about a book recommendation on missions. I just emailed an old friend with Operation Mobilization, to find out if the book "Window on the World" is the children's book that I think it is (but, gave up years ago before having kids). I want to add learning about missions and praying for missionaries/people around the world to our Bible time. My daughter is asking so many questions about Jesus and heaven. A big topic of late is how everyone loves Jesus. It is a very foreign concept to her that not only does everyone NOT love Jesus, but everyone doesn't even know who Jesus is. But, I want to let her know as well, that there are children/people around the globe that worship, praise and love Christ, just like she does : ) (And a concrete way to pray for those who are not yet followers of Christ). She loves geography, so I think missions will be a lot of fun!

Along with missions, we support the mission group, Christar. They share the gospel with people of Hindu and Muslim faith and heritage. I just got a mission letter today from the friends we support, with a DVD. There is a great DVD (the one I just received) they distribute "The Life of Jesus Christ" which is a special edition of the film "Jesus" in multiple languages. It has been well received. I don't know if my kids are old enough to sit through it yet, but it makes me cry. I love it.

I got my two mile walk in today, and managed to walk our dog and kids (two different events, my 2 mile is in front of the tv/VCR. My son cried about the cold the whole way. Its warm too! 40 degrees today, and the roads aren't icy anymore. I love Spring!

Its the weekend finally :) My husband is taking some rare time for himself. I am so glad! He is out with some buddies from work, and tomorrow will take a nice bike ride. He needs it, and I am just so happy to have a couple relaxing days. The kids want to decorate their "room" for Easter, so we will take a trip to the $ store. They are still sharing a room. No progress my daughter's room, but that's ok. And, I want to get fresh air, bake some stuff, and smile a lot.

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