Sunday, November 28, 2010

The beginning of Advent

This morning, I took the kids to church. I am so glad that we went! The sermon was really good. And, I love the start of Advent. My daughter ran around and told everybody that there was a baby in my tummy. She was even singing songs about it. It was so sweet! Of course, everyone is very excited and happy for us. It makes me a little bit sad that our baby will be born somewhere else. But, then again, its all the more reason to say in touch with all these wonderful folks.

After we got home, Hubby made my most favorite sandwich. I don't know what it its called, but this is how you make it: Two slices of bread, spread on cream cheese, add lettuce, turkey and cranberry sauce. Yummy! I like this sandwich once a year. So, I have him make it after every Thanksgiving.

Then, we put up the Christmas lights outside. I held the ladder, I didn't climb up it. The kids ran around and played. The inside of the house is decorated too and looks so pretty! The kids and Grandma decorated the tree yesterday. And, I decorate the living room with various Nativity scenes. Since, "Jesus is the Reason for the Season!" after all!

Then, I went food shopping. Our bills are much smaller this month, I love it! I am baking, freezing, cooking, and so I guess you could say this is my new hobby. I got a wreath for the front door (50% off at Rite Aid) and got some cinnamon pinecones for a bowl on the table.

I am still so very very tired. I take a nap just about every day. That's what I did when I got home from the store. Hubby is very supportive of this, although, he was home a lot this week, and my mother was visiting, and the kids and I took a break from school. Tomorrow, I will gauge our school around my exhaustion. I will lay down in the late afternoon when the afternoon kids shows are on PBS.

I sort of have morning sickness, but it isn't bad at all (or yet). I had to eat after my nap today- I was ravenous. It was almost dinnertime, so this was ok. But, I over filled my plate, and actually couldn't finish it all. Which is good! And, then I just felt kinda icky for awhile, but not sick. I am eating the same as usual, but I am so curious about my weight. I guess it must be nearly the same, cause all my clothes still fit. But, those refried beans are making me very bloated (and causing other problems). We had tacos of dinner.

After dinner, I made a wonderful turkey cream soup. Its almost done cooking. And, it tastes great! I am just waiting for the rice to finish cooking. There is sooooo much! The recipe says it makes 16 servings! And, I used turkey stock that I made a couple days ago, and froze. I am sure that I will freeze some of this soup too.

So, its almost the end of a very nice day. I hope yours was just a wonderful!

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T said...

can I trade you lives just for a day please. Just kidding.
Glad everything is going so great for you! Keep up the great work.