Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fixing stuff

Today, Cadillac Garage Door and K&K Heating arrived at the same time. So, now my garage door works right and we have heat again! All accomplished this morning before lunch! Actually, the heater needs a part, but it is repaired for now.

While this was all happening, I managed to read together with both kids, erupt a volcano (we recreated Olympus Mons- giant volcano on Mars) and finish I science lesson about Asteroids and Meteorites. I love these science lessons, because I learn stuff that I didn't know either! Oh, and we are learning about how the birth of Christ is celebrated in countries around the world. Tomorrow we will paint shells and make ornaments to hang on our tree, like they do in the Caribbean.

I had to pull out the snow blower for the first time this season. I managed to clear the driveway, mailboxes, and porch, because we had a few inches of snow last night.

Now, I have fed everyone, eaten lunch, and I am very sleepy. I didn't sleep well, because it was 2:30 AM when I realized that the fan on the heater wasn't shutting off and the temperature was starting to drop. It never really got cold. It is good to have a hubby to snuggle with : )

I need to wake up- and get moving now. There is more school to teach, bread to bake, the kids are begging to play in the snow, and perhaps a nap before dinner and dance lessons (for my daughter) tonight. Oh, and measure my daughter for a dance costume that she may never get to use. The deposit is due now, but of course we still don't know when or where we are moving. Well, she will have pretty play clothes, at least? Nausea seems to set in about 3-4 PM, so I have to make sure I clear time to just lay around like a lump around then.


T said...

I really admire all the amazing stuff you are able to get done! Sorry to hear about the heat and the garage door--that stinks! I hope it doesn't cost that much to fix.

K- floortime lite mama said...

I miss u

Puffin said...

I miss you too -K! I have been away a long time. Maybe I'll check in. Hugs!

TJ said...

Oh, I love that you are learning about how people celebrate Christmas around the world! Any particular books or other resources to share? Hanukkah will be over soon and it'll be time to get all Christmas-sy! :)

I enjoyed catching up on your blog posts. I can so feel your peace and contentment with yourself and within your family. Inspiring and touching. <3