Monday, December 13, 2010

A bit of snow

We got some more snow. I don't know if it was another foot? But it has been blowing around a lot. 193 school districts in the area were closed. Not our school, of course, but the air station was closed, so daddy was home and he helped us with school today. Fractional parts of a whole for our daughter, and Countries Around the World with our son, he was learning about England. It was so nice to have his help, we were done by 2 PM, and that hasn't occurred in a very long time.

I am still so nauseous all the time. I am eating lots of Clementines. They take the edge off, but they aren't really working as well. I wore maternity pants for the first time today. They do not fit right, they are too low, because I am not "showing" yet. I just can't handle the pressure of tight pants on my abdomen. I wore out by 9 PM, last night. I can't believe the amount of rest that my body requires.

My kids are making gingerbread cookies today. I barely made it through the dough, with my daughter. Butter, molasses, lemon and sugar smell miserable. I remember that these cookies taste wonderful, but I would have thrown the batter away, if I didn't know better. It is all mixed, and chilling in the fridge.

My husband snow plowed the drive, knocked down the icicles (the dog is playing with one), bought ingredients to make dinner, put gas in my car, washed it, and is holding down the fort today. He reminded me how wonderful things get when the nausea ends. I truly blocked out most of this experience with my other two kiddos. I don't remember being so run down, but he remembers and I guess I was. I do remember vomiting in the hallway - not making it in time, and my loving husband sliding through it in his socks in an effort to help me. That's real love, isn't it. I am glad that I'm not re-living that moment!

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