Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas! This year was quiet at my house. It was just the four of us- no extended family or friends. But, we had a very nice day. All season long, we have celebrated Advent (The Coming of Christ) with devotional readings and lighting candles on our advent wreath. I love doing that with the kids. I love it for hubby and I too- because it is easy to forget the reason that we celebrate Christmas- the birth of our Savior so many years ago. And, I am so thankful for God's gift to us.

We did not go to church on Christmas eve, I wasn't feeling up to it. But, there is always next year! And, Christmas morning was fun- the kids enjoyed all their presents. We played a game of Sorry and built with Legos. My daughter is enjoying her Sponge Bob sno-cone machine. My hubby got a new bicycle saddle. I got pretty mittens and a wonderful bread machine. I will enjoy it when I am no longer nauseous. Even the dog got a couple toys, although he destroyed the first on in 5 minutes!

I tried to write Christmas cards. At least, a Christmas letter. Then, a New Years letter. I don't think its going to happen. Maybe, I'll send a change of address letter this Spring? It makes me feel a little bit guilty, when I receive such nice Christmas cards sent with love.

Friday, New Years Eve, the baby and I will have our first check-up. We will meet our first OB (first, because I will likely deliver in Alaska). I hope she does an ultrasound, or at least that we can hear the heartbeat. I had initial ultrasounds with my other two kids- but, you never know what a new doctor is going to do. I am bringing the family in case there is something to see or hear. The baby is the size of a kumquat. I don't know what a kumquat is- but, its a fruit, I think, and bigger than a grape.

I now have maternity underwear and bigger bras, maternity pants and a couple tops. I am busting out of my clothes. I have acne on my face. I can now brush my teeth, thanks to cinnamon flavored toothpaste (I know, weird), because mint flavored makes me gag. I need maternity pajamas. cause I have to tuck the current ones under my belly. I'm at 10 weeks people!! Only 10 weeks! My husband claims that I am not as big as before. He thinks that I'm more beautiful than ever. Perhaps, I am. Its hard to feel lovely when you are gassy, bloated, you've got acne patches and even some gray hair. But, I'll still accept the compliment.

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T said...

It sounds like you have a very joyous and lovely Christmas. I'm glad it was nice and quit for you and I hope the nausea gets better in the next trimester. I hope you get an ultrasound. When I was PG--I wanted to take the ultrasound machine home with me! How fun to hear the baby's heartbeat. could twins be a possibility?