Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Its Kodiak!

We are moving to Kodiak. We got the word today! I am very excited about it! It will just be a two year tour. We don't have official orders cut, yet, so I don't know exactly when. But, at least now, I know where!

I am feeling so nauseous today. I pushed through school, and managed to finish dinner around 3 PM, because when I get hungry, I must eat or puke. So, now dinner is ready.

We learned yesterday, that baby "pinky" (the kids named the baby) is the size of a blueberry. That's about 1/2 inch. How can someone so small - be such a huge impact on every minute of my day?? I am told that morning sickness is a good sign.

I don't have energy to write anymore. But, that's the news!

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T said...

I'm glad it is kodiak as I know that is what you were wanting because I know you need to move earlier with your pregnancy. And I'm glad you know where you are going now. Can't wait to see pictures from there.