Friday, December 3, 2010

When will I need maternity stuff, baby stuff?

I got rid of everything. I mean, really- everything. We have no baby or toddler stuff anymore. When my two kids were little, especially my first, I wanted everything to be brand new. I didn't have a lot of new maternity clothes, I did borrow those and manage to stain nearly everything by spilling stuff on my shirts (poor sister-in-law who lent them to me). But, you know with your first child, you get this amazing baby shower. I even had one with my second.

Now, this will be the frugal baby. I probably won't buy cloth diapers, because they aren't cost effective for one child (but, I'm still thinking about it). I used cloth diapers with my daughter, but they were hard to manage, cause I lived with my mother, and I didn't know what the heck I was doing. They leaked a lot, through the leak-proof velcro diaper covers. But, I will use the consignment shops for when ever possible. I think with the first two, I used the consignment and thrift stores like they were cute little shops to buy "this and that" - stuff that I really didn't need. But, I don't do that anymore. Most of my own clothes are second hand. My kids clothes are second hand, and I feel like I've been robbed when I shop at department stores. Of course, Grandma helps a lot with the kids clothes. She is an expert on buying things on discount. I do buy some things new- like underwear, socks, and most shoes. My winter coat (its hard to find winter coats that aren't out of the 80's or worn out here, unless they are new).

I don't know what size maternity clothes to try on. I should do this while my hubby is available, because taking the kids shopping is awful. I am a size 16, sort of. I am not a size 18, and I am not always able to fit into a 16. So, I think this means XL. In shirts, I wear either a Large or XL. Some XL are huge on me.

Baby stuff, I just don't know when I want to start looking for the gear. We really are trying to stick to a budget. My girlfriend has offered to loan me some stuff. My sister-in-law offered her crib, but if we move to Alaska, I don't think that is a good idea. She isn't 100% certain that she is done having kids, and shipping would be a bear. Plus, I ruined most of her maternity clothes the last time . . . .

I am finding a trend. Every day, around 3 PM, things start to smell gross. This lasts till bedtime. Tonight, my hubby cooked turkey bacon for dinner, and pancakes. I did not eat any of this, but ewww. It smelled awful. Then, the gas. My abdomen blows up like a balloon. I have to say, I stop smelling the bacon. And, I know that I smell tons worse! But, the bloating and gas lasts all evening. This has been going on all week. I have tried to add more calcium to my diet. And, I have thrown beans and legumes into recipes - as these things are good for you when you are pregnant. I'm not eating more, in fact, I'm eating even healthier than usual - seriously, I ate anchovies with a salad and an orange for lunch. Maybe the bloating is the trade off for not puking this time?

Oh, this is a lovely post! Sorry! I'm going to surf the internet for cloth diapers now.


T said...

I know someone who has fantastic prices on diapers :)

Puffin said...

hmmm, i wonder who that might be LOL!