Thursday, November 11, 2010

My big girl is 8

The party was very nice, and my daughter is now 8 years old. She had a lovely party. Seven friends arrived bearing gifts, and we set to work making a hamster craft. Then, my daughter opened her presents: pajamas and a dress from Grandma, a couple Fancy Nancy books, and Zhu Zhu pet accessories. She also received many many Zhu Zhu gifts, and now, between she and her brother, they have 15 of these motorized toys. Yikes! She got a few non-Zhu items, such as candy, a checkers game, and jacks.

After the presents, they ate Zhu Zhu cupcakes. It took a long time to make them. They were kinda ugly, but, they do look a bit like the toys. Cupcake, ice cream, Cheetos, and Hawaiian punch. Yum (I didn't taste any of it). Everyone played with the toys till the moms and dads arrived. They took their goodie bags home, and there were lots of smiles. My daughter had good manners, and her brother didn't throw any crying tantrums.

She went shopping with her allowance and birthday money, and bought more accessories. A pizza parlor. All this stuff is noisy, a bit annoying, and my kids love it to pieces.

I am baking bread again, making oatmeal muffins (the first batch fell) and I cooked up taco meat for tomorrows dinner, plus enough to freeze for next week.

I haven't blogged, because lately, I've just been exhausted. Maybe its PMS. But, I don't feel cranky today, but just as if all my energy has been sucked out of me. I'm just so tired!

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