Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cassoulet? Hmm

Tonight I am making a Cassoulet. I found the recipe online, on Hillbillyhousewife.com. I like this site, and have tried a variety of recipes from it. This one has lots and lots of beans in it. But, it was cheap to make. Tomorrow, I will find out if it was worth the effort.

Today, the dog knocked half a loaf of raisin bread on the floor. I caught him before he devoured it, but it was on the floor, with doggie germs, so it had to be thrown away. And, the kids will not eat the pumpkin muffins or peanut butter muffins that I made. I can't eat the pumpkin muffins either (too much sugar) But, I can eat the peanut butter ones. And, they are good! Great with coffee, I think. So, the kids ate saltines for a snack. My son likes the raisin bread, which is a miracle, because he doesn't like most foods.

The kids fought like cats and dogs today. My daughter makes faces at and "touches" her brother. Sort of like poking him, but not even a poke. It makes him scream very loudly. She is becoming an expert at teasing. He is an expert at overreacting. And, we did not go to Traverse City today, so schooling was very difficult. It should have been great. I loved the extra day to complete our lessons. But, my daughter was angry and mean all day. She did not like voting with her dad. It was just too boring. She got cold at the park. She hated math today. She hated reading today. I was labelled the "worst mom in the world" a few times. And, attempts to scratch and squeeze my arms were made. Oh, and her Zhu Zhu Pet Moo was "naughty" and was going to bite me numerous times. I realize that she did not get her play date today in Traverse City, but that is life. I have to cut back on our trips to TC to save some money. So, we will go every other week for a while.

My son cried about everything. He did not want to go to swimming lessons because he would have to jump in the pool at the end. He was starving most of the day, "So hungry I'm going to die!" He was also dying of thirst. And he wanted to change his shirt, because his long sleeve shirts get stuck in his coat. He spent a lot of the day running away from his sister and screaming "Stay away from me!"

What a day. Thankfully, my children are sleeping like little angels now, and tomorrow will be a new day.


T said...

Even though I only have one child, I still have days like that too...they suck.
Missed you today.

Puffin said...

today they seem better : ) They are at least being nice to one another, and me. Its so cloudy and rainy, I just want to sleep all day . . . . I missed going to the meeting too, and seeing you. I'll be there next week : ) I can't wait!