Friday, October 29, 2010


Tomorrow I will turn 39! Yippie! I am not at all unhappy about my birthday. I am nearly 40, as my children keep reminding me. My daughter said goodbye my 38 for me before she went to bed.

We still don't know where we will move. But, Los Angeles has opened up. Its actually on our dream sheet, because we expected it. Its possible that we could live near my brother. And, near my mother, when she moves there. She is planing to move to southern California this summer (maybe). I am not a country girl. But, I am not a city girl either!! That is why the UGH.

It would be wonderful to live near family. That is very true. However, I would make a strange California girl. Really strange, I think. I homeschool, I try to be frugal, and I think quite differently than my brother and sister-in-law. That doesn't make them bad or me good, or visa versa, just different. Think the city mouse and the country mouse. I am somewhere in between, I guess.

We want to sell our car (one of them) and live near the air station. Well, the air station is in LAX. The airport. The huge international airport. So, we can't live really far away from LAX and provide my hubby with a great cycling commute. Ok, he will prove me wrong on this. I know he will. I just keep picturing couches on porches with bars on the windows.

But, hubby wants a safe place for us to live. I have no doubt about that. We will need to find a place that we can own a big dog and bird. A safe place to raise the kids. I have a GPS, at least.

I am torn- I really want to go there, and I really really don't want to go there. I lived in Jersey for 20 years, so why am I anxious about this? I guess, cause I would have never thought about living in Newark. Ok, if you aren't from Jersey, you don't know what I'm referring to. Newark is the smelly congested place where the international airport is. So, I'm making a comparison.

I can drive like a crazy driver, I don't do that anymore, but I haven't forgotten. I can learn to live in a new place. I am glad this is not my decision, but up to God (even if the CG believes its up to them) "Home is Where the Coast Guard Sends You" I have a decorative wall plaque that says that. But, truly, its where God sends us, cause we are keeping it in prayer, for His wisdom and direction. God is bigger than the Coast Guard.

It is so hard to wait and wait and wait. Oh, yeah, wanna buy a house? I've got a nice big house here in Northern Michigan for sale. LOL!

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