Friday, October 15, 2010


We had a fun evening. We took the kids to the Observatory in Traverse City, and looked through some telescopes to see Jupiter with 4 of its moons, and our Moon. It was really a nice night, and my daughter was impressed. We can actually see more stars at home, in our own backyard, but we don't have a gigantic telescope. My son, told me as I put him to bed, "I didn't get to see all the cool stuff." I thought he was referring to falling asleep on the car ride home, but no, he was expecting to see ALL of the planets. He knew there were 8 (or 9 if you count pluto) and so, he felt gypped. But, we will go back, and maybe next time, we will see some other planets.

One little boy announced, "Well you know, the moon is made of Cheese!" He was going to view the moon through a telescope. It made me think of Wallace and Gromit. Perhaps you're a fan too.

Our school day went well. At one point, my daughter wanted to finish first, so she insisted on completing Reading, Vocabulary, and Social Studies without a break. She was motivated, so we did it. Then, she drew cute pictures of me and wrote stuff like, "Mom is fun" and "I love my mom". This was a nice treat!

Earlier in the day, she told me that she noticed her birthday party was going to be very short. (The invitations read 2-4 PM). She explained that it was simply too short, and that I was ruining her party! LOL! Well, we are inviting 10 kids (plus my two) so I don't think that I am ruining anything. I think 12 kids running around with Zhu Zhu pets for two hours is plenty of time!

My son did great on his vocabulary assessment. Every two weeks I check to see if he has an understanding of the words we have been learning in Wordly Wise 2000. He got every one! During the last two assessments, he barely participated and barely answered me, so I was starting to wonder if I was losing him with this program. But, we had success today, so we will continue!

I am desperately waiting to see a picture of my niece! She was born on Sunday. If you are reading this Mom, let Jim know that I want pictures!!!

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T said...

LOL. I think 2 hours is actually plenty of time for her birthday party. It is SO crazy how birthday parties have evolved into these elaborate things compared to when I was a kid. I'm glad you all had a great time at the planetarium.