Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beautiful Sunny Morning!

It is a bit cool outside, but sunny and beautiful! What a beautiful morning, God made for us! I am so thankful!

My muscles are starting to crave exercise. The morning workout wasn't so great, the heat came on and blew hot air in my face at the first mile mark, and I got winded really fast. I closed the vent, but then I was thirsty, hungry, and fatigued. And, honestly, I didn't like getting up at 6:15 AM at all. But, by yesterday evening (with no morning workout) I wanted to walk! And knee lifts felt really good! My body just needed to stretch and move! So, it will be back to when I put the kids to bed, and more often than every other day, because it makes me feel really good :)

I eliminated McRuffy Phonics and Reading with my son, and we have just been working on this week, while I wait for Explode the Code. He loves it, and it makes him laugh. The school day has been much more pleasant since we made the change.

I looked at Christmas gift ideas for both kids. My daughter wants lots of Zhu Zhu pets and accessories. She also wants this Barbie doggie swim school. Its a pool with diving boards for pet (plastic) dogs. Barbie is their swim teacher, I guess. And, she wants more Littlest Pet Shop Stuffed toys. They have an online world - so at least its more than a weird looking stuffy. And, really, they are strange looking. Here's a picture of one.

My son, wants Kung Zhu pets and accessories. These are little motorized hamsters that wear battle armor and fight. They are very silly looking, but not as girly as Zhu Zhu pets. And, he wants more Geotrax. He doesn't want any of the GeoAir (add ons to fly planes and helicopters), but just the train layouts and trains. Below are pictures of Kung Zhu pets, oh my!

I am in the mood for soup. I am making an Asian Chicken Noodle soup this morning. Its wonderful! I can't wait. But, I will cook it and save it for suppertime. Then, when we finish that, I have a Chili-corn soup with chicken and black beans. And, I will make homemade biscuits. I have never made "real" biscuits. I have used Bisquick, but then they have this "Bisquicky taste" I don't know, its kinda like how all the refrigerator biscuits kinda taste the same. So, I will try this out. I have a recipe for Ham and Lentil Soup with Tomatoes and Arugula, but I could not find Arugula. It looks like spinach, but I would guess they taste different. I have one more store to check, before I give up on that one. Its hard to find Arugula in the middle of nowhere, where we live!

I hope that you have a lovely day!


T said...

HA--that thing does look weird. Crazy to think Christmas is only 2 months away. I think you are doing an AMAZING job exercising and making homemade foods. Way to go!

Puffin said...

Thanks! I am going to make another soup, and then an apple pie for John. I really do love to make meals, it takes time, but tastes so much better than store made.

T said... pie...drool...