Saturday, October 23, 2010

A wonderful evening

We had a great date night for our anniversary! After dropping the dog off at the kennel, we pick up my husband at work. And, then we headed downtown, so that I could buy a new dress or outfit. I love the Raven's Child in Traverse City. I bought a dress there a few years ago (also for our anniversary). So, my hubby walked around with the kids, while I had fun playing dress-up. It was way to expensive, but hey, it was our 10th anniversary, and I wanted to look great for the best husband in the world!

That's my new dress! Isn't it cute? I wore it with tall boots. This is the only picture that I could find of it.

We brought the kids to a friend's house, and he showed them his Star Wars pinball machine, lego models and nerf guns. They were quickly sold on the idea, and I was too. He even had an oversized bean bag chair that they could jump on.

So, we went to the hotel, got changed for the evening, and had a wonderful dinner at "The Cook's House". Yummy! Then, we ran over to the State Theater, and watched "The Prairie Home Companion" a live broadcast. This radio show is so funny! It is lovely to go on a date with the man you love! And, oh I love mine to pieces!!!

In the morning, we picked up our happy children. They had a blast too. They made cookies, and dunked them in milk. They ran around in the yard with flashlights. My daughter slept in the giant bean bag chair. They shot nerf guns, pretended to be dogs, and played video games.

Everyone was tired on Friday. My husband fell asleep on the couch and the kids watched a Sponge Bob video and laid around. I made a pie for my hubby to take to work today (he had duty). And, I got the food shopping done for the week. I made the tortellini soup.

Today, after swim lessons- we did Saturday school to make up for Friday. It actually went really well! And, now at 10:30 PM I am remembering that I haven't reviewed tomorrow's Sunday School lesson, and I'm the teacher! Opps!

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T said...

wish I could enlarge the picture to see the dress. I'm so happy for you. Can I trade you shoes for a day please?