Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Muffins and Our Anniversary

We had almost a dozen eggs, that were going to expire today. First, I boiled a half-dozen, and then, I baked. It was lovely! The house smells so good. I made a couple kinds that I can eat, they are fairly low in sugar. I think a 1/4 cup across a dozen isn't too bad. One is whole wheat, and the other is very similar, but with cinnamon and granny smith apples. Then, I made oatmeal muffins that I will not eat, they have a half cup of brown sugar. But, the family can enjoy these things, and I will freeze a lot. I have been trying to bake and cook more, instead of eating out and buying snack food. It is much healthier for the kids to eat a pumpkin muffin or whole wheat muffin than sugar cereal or fruit snacks.

I made swiss chicken and green beans for dinner, and of course muffins, and the next recipe will be spinach and tortellini soup. But, not for tomorrow, because . . . .

Tomorrow, I will have been married to my love for 10 years!!! He is taking me out on the town! He is wonderful. Simply wonderful. He found a sitter, and the kids will stay overnight. They are delighted, the sitter is excited about it, and I get a full night off. I will even drop the dog off at the kennel. The plan is to see a live broadcast of "The Prairie Home Companion" at the State Theater, and he made dinner and hotel reservations. I am so excited!

I tried on my dressy clothes, and guess what? Most of my clothes are too big! My favorite dresses, they are too big! And, I even tried a few on from 8-10 years ago (I kid you not) and they are too big, well and a couple were just really out of date. They looked much better in my memory and on the hanger, than on me. This is because I have lost 45+ pounds in the last year. It is very satisfying to have to shop for pretty clothes, and not plus size pretty clothes.

So, tomorrow, after school, I will drop the dog off at the kennel, meet my husband- who will watch the kids, shop for a new outfit (downtown, I think), bring the kids to the sitter, go to the hotel- to get ready for my hot date!!!

I really would rather be out with my husband than anyone else in the world. He is wonderful, and the love of my life. I love him even more than the day that I married him. Our love has just grown deeper. I really am thankful to God for giving him to me. I couldn't imagine life without him.

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T said...

You sound like a newly wed LOL.
Anyways, congrats on everything--being married to the love of your life, losing 45lbs, your anniversary--everything.